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Murchison-Hume Bathroom Cleaner
Murchison-Hume Bathroom Cleaner
/murchison hume bathroom cleaner os australian white grapefruit
/murchison hume bathroom cleaner os australian white grapefruit
/murchison hume bathroom cleaner os australian white grapefruit
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Video review of Murchison-Hume Bathroom Cleaner  by glowingfern_
Video review of Murchison-Hume Bathroom Cleaner  by wellnesswithdelaney
Video review of Murchison-Hume Bathroom Cleaner  by 6525ff613c2ea7346d75ccbc

Bathroom Cleaner Murchison-Hume

Color: Australian white grapefruit


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Video review of Bathroom Cleaner by Delaney Dill
Verified Buyer

The Bathroom Cleaner by Murchison-Hume proves to be a reliable and effective solution for maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom. Its powerful formula ensures a thorough cleaning, leaving no room for dirt or grime. Delaney's recommendation to use this product highlights its ability to tackle tough stains and eliminate bacteria effectively.

Video review of Bathroom Cleaner by Natalia C
Natalia C
Natalia C
Verified Buyer

Natalia, a satisfied customer, shares her positive experience with the Bathroom Cleaner by Murchison-Hume. She purchased two bottles, keeping the Fig scent for herself and gifting the white grapefruit one to her best friend. According to Natalia, both variants perform equally well and provide a thorough cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals. This aspect is particularly important to her as she has a dog and wants to ensure a safe environment. Natalia expresses her trust in the brand and rates the product a perfect 10 out of 10. She concludes by stating her intention to purchase more in the future. Overall, Natalia's review highlights the effectiveness, pleasant scent options, and eco-friendly nature of the Bathroom Cleaner by Murchison-Hume, making it a reliable choice for maintaining a clean and safe home.

Video review of Bathroom Cleaner by Daenarah Dorcas
Verified Buyer

Daenarah, a reviewer, shares her love for the Bathroom Cleaner by Murchison-Hume in her video review. She mentions that cleaning her bathroom with this cleaner has become her favorite Sunday activity, as it prepares her space for the upcoming week. The White Grapefruit scent adds a refreshing touch to the cleaning experience. Daenarah appreciates how effectively the cleaner tackles her countertops without causing any discomfort. Not only does it leave her bathroom surfaces sparkling clean, but it also leaves behind a fancy fragrance. Overall, Daenarah highly recommends the Bathroom Cleaner by Murchison-Hume for its excellent cleaning performance and pleasant scent.

About Murchison-Hume

About Murchison-Hume

OUR STORY: Clean is Beautiful. Murchison-Hume is a Lifestyle brand that's all about elevating the everyday. Founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia by LA-native Max Kater, Murchison-Hume lies at the intersection of beauty and practicality. Everything we make and sell reflects our four core values: Practicality, Responsibility, Authenticity, and Style. A product or idea that solves one of life's many mundane problems and looks good doing it? That's our sweet spot.

Founded in: 2008
Origin: Australia
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Female Founded iconFemale Founded
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