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Glides Away Sensitive Hair Remover #Nair

Purple - 3.3oz


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Smooth, beautiful skin for all people, all parts.​

About Nair

Smooth, beautiful skin for all people, all parts.​

Founded in: 1940
Origin: USA
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About Nair
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  • Glides Away Sensitive Hair Remover
  • Purple
  • #skincare
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  • #hairremovaltools
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Maria Flores

mafiori137 recently reviewed Nair's Glides Away Sensitive Hair Remover. They found that the product was light on the skin and contained coconut oil and vitamin E. After leaving it on for six minutes, they noticed a burnt hair smell and proceeded to rinse it off. The results showed that the product left their skin soft and smooth, but there were some patchy areas where the hair did not come off. mafiori137 concluded that the product would be better suited for the underarms and that it was mess free and not tested on animals.

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