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Naked Sundays Beauty Headband
Naked Sundays Beauty Headband
/naked sundays1 naked sundays beauty headband os purple
/naked sundays1 naked sundays beauty headband os purple
/naked sundays1 naked sundays beauty headband os purple
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review of Naked Sundays Naked Sundays Beauty Headband  by kathelong
review of Naked Sundays Naked Sundays Beauty Headband  by fragosomelissa
review of Naked Sundays Naked Sundays Beauty Headband  by opscott

Naked Sundays Beauty Headband #Naked Sundays

Color: Purple


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Reviews of Naked Sundays Naked Sundays Beauty Headband Purple

review of Naked Sundays Naked Sundays Beauty Headband  by 64dd7efa8fa2f5a20b3f2b98

Review by Lexi

The Naked Sundays Beauty Headband by Naked Sundays is a must-have accessory for anyone's skincare routine. Lexi, in her video review, raves about how this adorable headband keeps her hair out of her face, allowing her to apply makeup and skincare with ease. The packaging is beautiful, and the headband itself is made of a soft towel material that dries quickly if it gets wet. Lexi mentions seeing girls on TikTok using similar headbands, and she was thrilled to finally have one of her own. She describes the fit as comfortable and praises the overall quality of the product. Lexi keeps it on her vanity and reaches for it every time she does her skincare or makeup. Overall, she is obsessed with this practical and high-quality headband.

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  • adorable little headband
  • nice soft towel material
  • fits comfortably
  • keeps hair out of face
  • practical

Review by Alondra

Naked Sundays Beauty Headband

Alondra recently shared her thoughts on the Naked Sundays Beauty Headband in a video review. She expressed her love for the headband, describing it as cute and pretty. Alondra mentioned that she was already familiar with the Naked Sundays brand, having used their clear sunscreen before. She was immediately drawn to the headband when she saw it on Flip and quickly added it to her cart. Alondra emphasized how stunning and beautiful the headband is and expressed her happiness with its comfort. She mentioned that some headbands can be uncomfortable, but this one did not cause any discomfort. Alondra highly recommends the Naked Sundays Beauty Headband to anyone in need of a new headband, describing it as nice and expressing her obsession with it. Overall, Alondra's review highlights the headband's attractive design, comfort, and quality, making it a great choice for those looking for a stylish and comfortable accessory.

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About Naked Sundays

About Naked Sundays

Naked Sundays is your award-winning Australian-made "BeautyScreen" - a hybrid between sunscreen & skincare. We are Vegan & Cruelty Free with zero whitecast, packed skin-loving ingredients, high performance SPF50. We are made in Australia with the strictest SPF rules in the world! And cute AF packaging to boot. WHY WE LAUNCHED! We launched out of sheer necessity. Our founder, Samantha Brett, has been a television news reporter for Australia's #1 breakfast show for over a decade out in the sun end with heavy makeup and bright camera lights. But Samantha quickly found that there was no way to top up her SPF. After witnessing two colleagues have to get skin cancers cut out of their faces, Samantha knew something needed to be done. Samantha set out to fill a gap in the marketing, creating an SPF50+ product that could be reapplied OVER makeup and double up as skincare too. Naked Sundays was born and is now a multi-award winning product with an entire range for face and body, and all skin types. An SPF50 brand for women, by women with makeup wearers in mind, and those who just want damn good skin without a 5-step process. The simplest and cheapest anti-aging trick, just wear your darn sunscreen!

Founded in: 2021
Origin: Australia
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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