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Georgica Scented Candle
Georgica Scented Candle
/nette georgica os white
/nette georgica os white
/nette georgica os white
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review of NETTE Georgica Scented Candle  by brettguyglam
review of NETTE Georgica Scented Candle  by annik018
review of NETTE Georgica Scented Candle  by bingie

Georgica Scented Candle #NETTE

Color: White


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Reviews of NETTE Georgica Scented Candle White

review of NETTE Georgica Scented Candle  by brettguyglam

Review by Brett

Brett's video review of Georgica by NETTE paints a vivid picture of the product. The fragrance evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of our ancestors' connection to the oceans. It captures the essence of a cold swim, like rain falling on a desert, and the tranquility of clean linens. The scent also brings to mind the warmth of an old leather chair and the beauty of rose vines. With its captivating aroma, Georgica by NETTE creates a serene atmosphere in any space. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any specific performance or longevity aspects of the product. Overall, Georgica by NETTE seems to offer a unique and evocative fragrance experience.

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  • Cold swim like rain
  • Clean linens
  • Guest bedroom facing the moon

Review by sydnie


Hey Flip Fam! sydnie recently snagged a Georgica candle by NETTE, also known as nette. This particular scent, Georgia Cut, offers a unique blend of clean linen, an old leather chair, and rose vines, creating a harmonious balance between masculine and feminine notes. The fragrance is simply amazing. With a burn time of 40 to 45 hours, this candle is sure to provide long-lasting enjoyment. The packaging is sleek and clean, which sydnie absolutely loves. One helpful tip sydnie shares is to burn the candle for the same number of hours as its diameter, ensuring an even level of melted wax and preventing tunneling. sydnie is excited to try out the Georgica candle and promises to provide an update on its burning performance. Stay tuned for sydnie's detailed review later.

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Nette is a clean and sustainable candle brand that cares for you and the planet. Each candle is made from non-toxic, coconut-soy wax and poured in a vessel by a family-owned glass blowing company in Italy who makes all their glass vessels by hand, or a ceramicist in Philadelphia who creates their ceramic vessels. Additionally, Nette partners with a fragrance house to develop scents with 100% traceable ingredients, uses GOTS-certified organic cotton wicks, and presents products in super luxe packaging made from recycled shoe boxes and printed with seaweed ink.

Founded in: 2021
Origin: United States
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Minority-Owned iconMinority-Owned
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