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review of NETTE Queen Scented Candle  by heyitslizb
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Video Review of #NETTE Queen Scented Candle by liz

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Reviews of NETTE Queen Scented Candle Black

Review by Eve


Eve, a reviewer, shares her thoughts on the Queen candle by NETTE. She initially hesitated to order candles online but was captivated by the beautiful vessel of this particular candle. Eve ordered the Queen scent and was pleasantly surprised by its fragrance, describing it as a powdery honey scent reminiscent of Lush's honey soap. The candle boasts a burn time of 50 to 55 hours, which is longer than the average candle. Additionally, it is made of soy wax, ensuring a non-toxic burning experience. Eve finds the Queen candle so delightful that she contemplates ordering one for herself. Overall, the Queen candle by NETTE impresses with its stunning design, long burn time, and pleasant honey scent, making it a great choice for candle enthusiasts.

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