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liz bentley
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fragrance lover, plus a bit of everything else ❤️ let’s be friends on instagram and tiktok too!


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The 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF15 by PUR is a versatile cosmetic product that claims to act as foundation, concealer, powder, and SPF all in one. liz, the reviewer, was initially impressed with the coverage it provided, especially when blended in. She noted that it made a noticeable difference on her face. However, she did mention that the SPF 15 might not be sufficient for sun protection, so she used a separate sunscreen underneath. Overall, the product seems to deliver on its claims, providing good coverage and convenience. The only potential drawback mentioned is the relatively low SPF level.

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The Mircofiber Velvet Sponge by JUNO & Co, as reviewed by liz, has a unique texture that she wasn't expecting. While it feels velvety rather than spongy, liz found it effective for blending under eye concealer as it doesn't soak up as much product, providing thicker coverage for her dark circles. However, for the rest of her face, liz prefers her regular beauty blender and plans to reorder it. Overall, the Mircofiber Velvet Sponge has the benefit of providing thicker coverage for under eye concealer, but may not be suitable for those looking for a traditional sponge texture.

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The Multi-Benne Stain Stick - Ono Ono by NOTO is a highly recommended cosmetic product, according to liz's video review. liz praises the beautiful terracotta orange shade, which she uses as her everyday blush. She mentions that the color does tone down after setting her face with powder, so she applies it generously. liz appreciates the easy blendability of the product and the fact that it contains natural ingredients. She also mentions the pleasant minty scent, which comes from the peppermint oil in the formula. Overall, the Multi-Benne Stain Stick - Ono Ono is a versatile and high-quality product that provides a natural-looking blush.

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