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Nourishe (Nor-eesh) Songaa Soap
Nourishe (Nor-eesh) Songaa Soap
/nourishe songaa soap os fuchsia
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Video review of Nourishe (Nor-eesh) Songaa Soap  by Nourishe

Songaa Soap #Nourishe (Nor-eesh)

Color: Fuchsia


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Video review of Songaa Soap by Kristin Bauer
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The Songaa Soap by Nourishe (Nor-eesh) is an exceptional antioxidant soap that stands out from other cleansers on the market. Unlike detergents that strip away natural oils and harm the skin, this handmade, authentic soap preserves the skin's natural oils and protects it from irritants and toxins in the environment. With its strength-enhancing properties, the Sanga soap effectively cleanses the skin while providing a layer of defense against premature aging and inflammation. Available in both a 200 ml size and a convenient 50 ml travel size, this soap is a must-have for anyone seeking healthy and protected skin.

About Nourishe (Nor-eesh)

About Nourishe (Nor-eesh)

Nourishe (Nor-eesh), founded by skincare expert and Indigenous Herbalist Kristin Bauer, is the only luxury, skin-health collection of its kind! Authentic and Earth-inspired products that are USDA Certified Organic, vegan and hand-crafted with ethically grown and harvested raw, plant-based ingredients. Nourishe is dedicated to providing education and information to raise awareness of the truth in regards to toxicity in skincare products and the underlying causes of premature aging and skin damage. The complete Nourishe line is made with LOVE. Additionally, our formulas are water-less for maximum potency and are free from preservatives and fillers. All formulas are designed to balance and strengthen skin from within using whole plant complexes and geometric formulations (Sacred Geometry) that can only be found in nature. Additionally, we package the formulas in biophotonic glass which works as a natural preservative to protect our special blends.

Founded in: 2015
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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