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Orvos Skin Science Satin Eye Gel Cream
Orvos Skin Science Satin Eye Gel Cream
/orvos skin science satin eye gel cream os white
/orvos skin science satin eye gel cream os white
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Video review of Orvos Skin Science Satin Eye Gel Cream  by genxbex
Video review of Orvos Skin Science Satin Eye Gel Cream  by traciafanclub

Satin Eye Gel Cream Orvos Skin Science

Color: White


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Video review of Satin Eye Gel Cream by Tracia Fan
Verified Buyer

The Orvos Satin Eye Gel is a fantastic product, according to Tracia's video review. She mentions that the directions advise applying the gel to fingertips first and then underneath the eyes. However, Tracia personally prefers using the included applicator, as it feels great and works effectively. She does mention that she ensures to clean the applicator after each use for hygiene purposes. Overall, Tracia expresses her genuine enjoyment of this eye gel. With its convenient applicator and satisfying results, the Orvos Satin Eye Gel is a must-try for anyone seeking a reliable eye care solution.

Video review of Satin Eye Gel Cream by Rebecca Smith
Verified Buyer

In summary, the Satin Eye Gel Cream by Orvos Skin Science is a lightweight gel cream that glides effortlessly around the eyes, delivering a refreshing experience. Its natural ingredients, such as retinol and vitamin C derivatives, make it suitable for sensitive skin. Rebecca's positive experience with the product highlights its effectiveness in providing gentle care for the delicate eye area. The only drawback mentioned is the higher price point of the product line.

About Orvos Skin Science

About Orvos Skin Science

Orvos has been thoughtfully developed to deliver visible results to all skin types, addressing primary skin concerns including dullness, age spots, hydration, fine lines and even skin tone. Every ingredient is curated carefully and with the highest possible concentrations to create radiant, glowing skin. Creator of Orvos Skin Science, Dr. Robert Schwarcz is a board-certified Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who has been in practice for more than twenty years. Inspired by the skincare concerns of patients at his boutique NYC practice and his own whole food plant-based diet, Dr. Schwarcz has spent the last four years thoroughly researching and carefully curating ingredients to creature an efficacious, natural, medical-grade equivalent skin care regimen.

Founded in: 2018
Origin: United States of America
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