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Peels Peels Immunity Shot - 12ct
Peels Peels Immunity Shot - 12ct
/peels peels immunity shot os orange
/peels peels immunity shot os orange
/peels peels immunity shot os orange
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Video review of Peels Peels Immunity Shot - 1CT  by lilmikara
Video review of Peels Peels Immunity Shot - 1CT  by 624e4574011515001334a163
Video review of Peels Peels Immunity Shot - 1CT  by phone4bus3

Peels Immunity Shot - 12ct Peels

Color: Orange


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Video review of Peels Immunity Shot - 12ct by Stephanie Carpentieri
Verified Buyer

Stephanie mentions that each shot contains added vitamins, including vitamin C, D, B6, B5, and zinc, providing an extra health boost. With approximately 20 milligrams of CBD per shot, these immunity shots offer a relaxing and calming effect.

Video review of Peels Immunity Shot - 12ct by Shannon Luke
Verified Buyer

Shannon, a resident of New York City, is excited to share her experience with Peels Immunity Shot. With the intention of boosting her immune system during the Halloween weekend, Shannon turns to this CBD-infused product. She finds the taste reminiscent of an orange creamsicle, making it enjoyable for those who appreciate that flavor profile. Additionally, the shot contains essential B vitamins, including 5, 6, D, and C. Shannon emphasizes that if you've been neglecting your vitamin intake, this product is worth a try. While she personally doesn't love the taste, she still finds it tolerable. Overall, Peels Immunity Shot offers a tasty and fun way to support your immune system. Give it a shot! (109 words)

Video review of Peels Immunity Shot - 1CT by lindsey krueger
Verified Buyer

This immunity shot by Peels is a standout product, according to lindsey's video review. Unlike other similar products, this shot has a delightful taste reminiscent of an orange creamsicle. lindsey credits this immunity shot as the sole reason for staying healthy during the dreaded con crud season at work. The shot's ability to ward off sickness is its most impressive feature. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or side effects. Overall, Peels Immunity Shot seems to be a highly effective and enjoyable way to boost one's immune system.

Video review of Peels Immunity Shot - 1CT by Mikara OC
Verified Buyer

Peels Immunity Shot by Peels is a remarkable product that Mikara highly recommends. In her video review, she emphasizes the unique feature of this shot, which is the inclusion of CBD derived from oranges, not hemp or THC. This sets Peels apart from other immunity shots in the market. Mikara highlights the wellness benefits of Peels, including the presence of essential vitamins such as C, D, and zinc. She also mentions that Peels offers the world's safest CBD, ensuring a worry-free experience. Overall, Mikara's positive endorsement of Peels Immunity Shot makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a natural and effective way to boost their immunity.

About Peels

About Peels

At Peels, we are unwavering in our commitment to provide the safest, purest, most effective CBD products on the market — accessible to anyone seeking a healthier, cleaner, and more consistent daily wellness ritual. Born from a desire to innovate and do something different, we created CBD products made completely free from THC, hemp and cannabis, so that more people can access CBD's benefits safely and reliably. Peels is worry-free CBD. Just the way it should be.

Founded in: 2020
Origin: USA
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