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Samantha Watlington - sammyisamoose
Samantha Watlington
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Review by Samantha

Moonshine Hydrating Primer

The Moonshine Hydrating Primer by JUNO & Co, as reviewed by Samantha on Flip, receives positive feedback. Samantha praises the cute and detailed packaging of the product. She mentions using it both as a moisturizer and a primer, and it has worked well for her in both roles. However, she acknowledges that some other reviewers on Flip have had a different experience, suggesting it may be a hit or miss for some individuals. Overall, Samantha recommends checking out this primer, as it has received a favorable consensus among users.

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Review by Samantha

Shape and Glow Blending Brush

The Shape and Glow Blending Brush by Isle of Paradise is a highly recommended product for self-tanning, according to Samantha's video review. She praises the brush for its extremely soft bristles, comparing them to a pillow. Samantha admits to a user error during her first use, emphasizing the importance of reading instructions carefully. Despite this, she still considers the brush to be great and recommends checking out other Isle of Paradise items. Overall, the brush's softness and effectiveness make it a valuable tool for achieving a flawless self-tan. However, it would be helpful to have more information on its specific features and how it enhances the tanning process.

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Review by Samantha

Dream Night Cream

The Dream Night Cream by Three Ships is a must-have addition to your skincare routine. With its bi-retinol formula, this cream offers incredible benefits for your skin. Samantha, in her video review, highlights the key features of this product. She appreciates the detailed information provided, including the formula facts, pH level, and key ingredients. The cream's application is simple, requiring just one pump, which ensures it will last a long time. Samantha highly recommends this night cream, emphasizing its value for money. Overall, the Dream Night Cream by Three Ships is a worthwhile investment that will leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

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