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Tara Khnanisho - tarageorge930
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Actress, Singer, Model found out about flip when I was cast in their commercial. love this app and all of you 😘


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The Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo by EcoTools is a fragrance-free and dermatologist-tested product that effectively cleans makeup brushes and sponges. Tara, the reviewer, finds it satisfying to see how well the shampoo cleans her brushes. She pours a little bit onto her brush plate, rubs it around, and is amazed at how easily the makeup comes off. She demonstrates the effectiveness of the shampoo on multiple brushes and highly recommends it. Overall, the EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo is a reliable and efficient product that delivers impressive results, making it a must-have for anyone looking to keep their brushes clean and makeup-free.

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A clean hydrating lipstick that delivers bold, long-lasting lip color and a satin finish for smooth, moisturized lips. The Optimist Lipstick in New mystic color by Well People, as discussed by Tara in their video review, offers a hydrating formula that keeps the lips moisturized throughout the day. The bold and long-lasting color provides a vibrant look that lasts for hours. The satin finish adds a touch of elegance to the lips, giving them a smooth and polished appearance. However, it is important to note that the review does not mention the price of the product or any potential drawbacks. Overall, the Optimist Lipstick in New mystic color by Well People seems to be a promising option for those looking for a clean and hydrating lipstick with bold, long-lasting color and a satin finish.

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