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Rae Wellness Focus Drops
Rae Wellness Focus Drops
/rae wellness focus drops os clear
/rae wellness focus drops os clear
/rae wellness focus drops os clear
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Video review of Rae Wellness Focus Drops  by keatonleah
Video review of Rae Wellness Focus Drops  by baileyjrierden
Video review of Rae Wellness Focus Drops  by j97rnbnqcp

Focus Drops Rae Wellness

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Video review of Focus Drops by Keaton Leiter
Verified Buyer

Keaton recently tried the Focus DROPS by Rae Wellness and shared their experience in a video review. They were impressed with the product's ability to enhance focus and attributed this to the presence of GABA, a key ingredient known for promoting a calm mind and balanced mood. Keaton mentioned that stress often hinders their ability to concentrate, but after using the drops, they noticed a significant improvement in their focus. While there was a slight taste, it wasn't too unpleasant. Overall, Keaton's review suggests that the Focus DROPS by Rae Wellness can be effective in boosting focus and concentration, making it a worthwhile product to try.

Video review of Focus Drops by Trinity Pagan
Trinity Pagan
Trinity Pagan
Verified Buyer

Trinity, a new user of Flip, recently received her first order which included the Focus DROPS by Rae Wellness. In her video review, Trinity emphasized that these drops are designed to enhance focus and contain ingredients like GABA and L-theanine to promote a calm mind. She highlighted the product's vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO qualities, as well as the absence of added calories. Trinity also mentioned the appealing packaging, which includes a Spotify playlist in the accompanying pamphlet. As a senior with a busy schedule, Trinity expressed her hope that these drops would help her power through her workload. She promised to provide updates on her experience with the product in the coming days. Overall, Trinity's review showcased the potential benefits of the Focus DROPS by Rae Wellness for individuals seeking improved focus and mental clarity.

About Rae Wellness

About Rae Wellness

We believe well-being is for everyone Our universe nourishes your body, mind and shine from inside. We think of wellness as a series of paths you choose throughout the day, every day – which is why we're dedicated to helping you create a simple wellness lifestyle routine that’s as powerful and unique as you. Our pure and powerful supplements are made to shine in a market full of over-priced alternatives - because wellness shouldn’t be expensive. Vegan Non GMO Gluten Free No Harmful Fillers or Colorants No artificial preservatives We're a women-led company: Our co-founder and CEO Angie Tebbe’s vision is to make well-being attainable for all. She left a successful corporate career to start a values-led company that nourishes your body and mind from the inside out and champions innovation in wellness. We're a socially conscious brand: We live and breathe support for well-being, including for the next generation. That's why we donate 5% of all revenue to Girls Inc, the non-profit organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold through direct service and advocacy.

Founded in: 2019
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Made in the US iconMade in the US
Gives Back iconGives Back
Budget Friendly iconBudget Friendly
Wellness iconWellness
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients

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