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Raybae Luxury Overnight Collagen Mask
Raybae Luxury Overnight Collagen Mask
/raybae luxury overnight collagen mask os white
/raybae luxury overnight collagen mask os white
/raybae luxury overnight collagen mask os white
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Video review of Raybae Luxury Overnight Collagen Mask  by natalia111087
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Luxury Overnight Collagen Mask Raybae

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Video review of Luxury Overnight Collagen Mask by Helen Huang
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The Raybae Luxury Overnight Collagen Mask is a must-have addition to any skincare routine. Packed with superstar ingredients, this mask delivers impressive results. The hydrolyzed collagen ensures optimal absorption, while the three types of peptides work together to prevent damage, fight signs of aging, and firm the skin. The inclusion of squalene and glycerin provides deep hydration, leaving the skin feeling nourished and supple. The light scent is a pleasant bonus, and the low percentage of fragrance ensures it won't irritate sensitive skin. Applying the mask instantly gives a beautiful glow, but the real magic happens overnight. Upon waking up and rinsing off the mask, the skin is left radiant and glowing. The Raybae Luxury Overnight Collagen Mask is definitely worth the investment for those seeking a rejuvenating and hydrating skincare experience.

About Raybae

About Raybae

Raybae is a luxury line of clean, natural skincare and beauty products. We combine the best ingredients mother nature offers with leading-edge science to produce the safest, most effective products available on the market. We emphasize eco-friendliness - it shows with our choices in packaging and production. Over 99% of our packaging is recyclable, and all of our products are manufactured using a low carbon emission model, allowing for a lessened environmental footprint. It's no wonder why raybae was voted "Most Innovative New Products" in the Aesthetic Everything 2021 Awards. Raybae was started with two key goals in mind: 1. Provide women with extremely effective products that are produced with natural, safe ingredients 2. Empower women to see their natural-internal beauty, and love their reflection no matter what stage of life they’re in Since then, our impact on the women we serve has grown faster and more exponentially than we ever could have expected. Raybae has become an authoritative voice in skincare education, producing some of the best informative blogs/videos on the internet today. Our incredible success is due in part because of our dedicated, passionate team of women and men who wake up every morning with our customers in mind, but also the critical questions we ask and seek to answer. What do women want to put on their skin? What makes a woman feel beautiful? What truly makes a woman glow?

Founded in: 2019
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Skincare iconSkincare
Prestige iconPrestige
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Sustainable Packaging iconSustainable Packaging
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