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Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Tiare/Tiare
Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Tiare/Tiare
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/solinotes eau de parfum tiaretiare os blue 1
/solinotes eau de parfum tiaretiare os blue 1
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review of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Tiare/Tiare  by 632fd0dfc52e0e22d7ceb85f
review of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Tiare/Tiare  by 631d9003c849f2b406cb099f
review of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Tiare/Tiare  by xnqwzkdf7v

Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Tiare/Tiare #Solinotes

Color: Blue


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Reviews of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Tiare/Tiare Blue

review of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Tiare/Tiare  by roseannecarlo

Review by Roseanne

Eau de Parfum - Tiare/Tiare by Solinotes is a warm and creamy vanilla fragrance that will transport you to the beautiful beaches of Tahiti. Roseanne, the reviewer, raves about this scent, describing it as a light floral fragrance that she is obsessed with. She confidently claims that once you try Tear Flower, you will love it too. Roseanne mentions receiving numerous compliments when wearing this perfume, highlighting its appeal to others. Overall, this fragrance seems to be a hit, offering a delightful and unique scent experience. However, it's important to note that individual preferences may vary. Give Eau de Parfum - Tiare/Tiare a try and let its warm and creamy notes transport you to a tropical paradise.

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  • warm creamy vanilla
  • light floral scent
  • smells like the beach in Tahiti
  • gets compliments
  • divine
About Solinotes

About Solinotes

SOLINOTES - The Feel Good Perfumery We believe that a fragrance has to do more than just smell nice! It connects to your emotions and your personality, to reveal the true essence: YOU! SOLINOTES is a sunny and colourful collection of MOOD-BOOSTING Fragrances and Body Mist. A little like aromachology, Solinotes has encapsulated a super ingredient in each fragrance and linked it to a benefit for its consumer. START THE DAY THE RIGHT WAY, The soothing and comforting benefits of the Vanilla, the energy boosting from Pomegranate, the calming and enveloping effect of the Orange Blossom... are some good vibes we bottle to boost your daily life! SOLINOTES is convinced that a mood enhancing fragrance can only be a CLEAN Fragrance. This is why our fragrances contain only the essentials: natural alcohol, perfume and a splash of water. Nothing else! *VEGAN *PETA APPROVED *100% MADE IN FRANCE *SUSTAINABLE (100% recyclable - use of recycled glass and plastic - eco managed forest) Good for your skin, good for the planet, Spray good vibes!

Founded in: 2010
Origin: France
Instagram Page
Fragrance iconFragrance
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Sustainable Packaging iconSustainable Packaging
Vegan iconVegan
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
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