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superzero Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar
superzero Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar
/superzero heavenly defense hand balm bar os purple
/superzero heavenly defense hand balm bar os purple
/superzero heavenly defense hand balm bar os purple
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Video review of superzero Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar  by anac_grajales
Video review of superzero Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar  by 658640d7c239113691b15058
Video review of superzero Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar  by theskinmillennial

Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar #superzero

Color: Purple



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Video review of Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar by Conny Wittke
Conny Wittke
Conny Wittke
Verified Buyer

Hey you guys, Conny here with an exciting review of the Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar by superzero. This lovely canned balm bar is a game-changer for dry hands. Conny's hands are now super hydrated, thanks to this amazing product. The vegan formula with a divine scent of lavender and chamomile is a winner. Conny even calls it their winter hack for dry skin. And the best part? The packaging is sustainable, making it better for the planet. Overall, this hand balm bar is a must-have for anyone looking to combat dryness and achieve soft, moisturized hands.

Video review of Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar by Ana Grajales
Verified Buyer

Let's review the Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar by superzero, as discussed by Ana in their video review. Ana mentions that the scent of this hand balm bar, which is a relaxing blend of lavender and chamomile, is accurate to the description. She expresses her surprise and delight at how fresh and true the lavender scent is. Ana follows the directions by gently massaging the bar between her dry hands to warm and release the balm. She emphasizes that this balm is unique and different from other moisturizers she has tried before. According to Ana, it leaves her hands super moisturized, providing a refreshing and effective way to hydrate the skin. Overall, Ana's review highlights the accurate scent, moisturizing properties, and innovative nature of the Heavenly Defense Hand Balm Bar by superzero.

About superzero

About superzero

superzero is on a mission to prove that true beauty does no harm. Beauty’s problem is bigger than a blemish – it’s a massive waste footprint. Look past the veneer, and you’ll find an ugly trail of waste, questionable ingredients, oversized plastic packaging, and careless choices that create unnecessary pollution and carbon emissions. Discover how we are shrinking beauty’s environmental footprint with every wash, rinse, care, and repeat. NO LIST: No Plastic Plastic is harmful to our health, the well-being of animals, and the future of our planet. Making plastic uses fossil fuel and emits greenhouse gases, and once it’s made, it takes thousands of years to decompose. And while recycling is better than nothing, the truth is that only 9% of the world’s plastic gets recycled, all through a process that wastes water and energy. Most plastic finds its way to landfills and even our oceans, turning into micro plastic that harms animals and contaminates our food chain. It’s a big issue and an easy choice: No plastic. No question. The reason for all the plastic in the beauty industry is that beauty bottles are filled with up to 90% water. All for show, that water makes products look bigger and better on shelves, costing you more money, causing massive plastic pollution, and adding weight that costs the world more carbon during shipping. By leaving the water out and the bottle behind, we’re avoiding plastic, saving the water necessary to manufacture plastic, and creating something better: a bar that’s packed with at least two bottles’ worth of amazing hair product, a.k.a. the crème de la clean. NO LIST: No Hidden Microplastics Beauty’s bottles are full of dirty secrets, including hidden microplastics. Our bars are certified microplastic free, meaning we ban any and all microplastics from our formulations. The Plastic Soup Foundation defines microplastics as polymers that are persistent, bioaccumulative, and/or toxic and that are not readily biodegradable in all environmental departments. This definition includes silicones like Dimethicone, Dimethicone Copolymer, Polysilicone-15, etc. that are, sadly, frequenting beauty INCI lists and are on the RED list of the Plastic Soup Foundation’s Beat the Microbead app. You will never find those ingredients in our bars as we aim to please with the best products for your hair and body yet but without harm to your health and the environment. NO LIST: Climate Neutrality Our bars are sustainable by design and by creating water- and plastic-free beauty concentrates, they have an 80 to 90% lower carbon footprint than comparable liquid shampoo. To offset the small carbon footprint that is left, our shampoo bars are certified climate neutral by Climate Partners. That means that we are supporting so-called carbon offset projects to eliminate the small carbon footprint that our shampoo bars still leave behind (which equals the amount of emissions caused by driving a distance of less than 0.7 miles by car for one full size bar). For our offset projects, we proudly support global wind farm projects as well as the Plastik Bank in Haiti that reduces and avoids ocean plastic while providing a source of income for the local population. So, in sum, we don’t only avoid new plastic, but we also clean up after our plastic-loving competitors. NO LIST: No Water Water is life and clean, accessible water is in short supply. We don’t ship around water that you have in the bathroom. Instead, our anhydrous formulas use plant-based ingredients to enhance beauty without wasting precious resources. Because the less we use, the more we have. NO LIST: No BS Our bars are made entirely of vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. We use zero detergent sulfates, zero silicones, zero phthalates, zero DEA, zero parabens, and zero synthetic fragrances. In crafting our ingredient standards from scratch, we also carefully weighed our use of palm oil. While none of our formulas feature pure palm oil and all our shampoo bars are palm-free, some of our conditioner bars include a palm oil base or derivative. We’ve made a conscious choice to use responsibly sourced palm oil (RSPO certified) as opposed to alternatives, such as coconut oil, for a few reasons: Studies have shown that palm oil production uses less space, emits less greenhouse gasses, and requires less energy than the production of coconut oil. We believe that the boycott of palm oil could lead to increased demand for alternative oils that result in more land use, deforestation, and climate impact. Our Giving Back Commitment: Our promise to the planet goes beyond setting a new bar for beauty. As a pro-future brand, we’re not just sidestepping plastic – we’re helping to clean up after decades of pollution and fighting for a more beautiful tomorrow. Giving back: Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, every bar we sell proudly supports the fight against plastic pollution and for ocean conservation. Our goal: Our goal is to avoid unnecessary new plastic pollution and carbon emissions through our products and to clean up after others through our giveback commitment. We are starting with hair and body care but you can count on us to take beauty to the next level way beyond that very soon.

Founded in: 2020
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Made in the US iconMade in the US
Gives Back iconGives Back
Prestige iconPrestige
Hair Care iconHair Care

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