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Resurfacing Serum
Resurfacing Serum
/tata harper resurfacing serum os green
/tata harper resurfacing serum os green
/tata harper resurfacing serum os green
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review of Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum  by sayble
review of Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum  by modern.monopoli
review of Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum  by pcramerfun

Resurfacing Serum #Tata Harper

Color: Green


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Reviews of Resurfacing Serum

Review by Sayble

Sayble raves about the Resurfacing Serum by Tata Harper in her video review. She mentions that the serum contains 22 botanical ingredients that work wonders for the skin. With acids and larch tree extract, it helps the skin glow, while sea buckthorn and elderberry provide antioxidants. The addition of squalane ensures a smooth complexion. Sayble describes the serum as mild yet effective. She highly recommends giving it a try.

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  • 22 botanical ingredients
  • helps skin glow
  • antioxidants from sea buckthorn and elderberry
  • smooths the skin
  • mild but effective

Review by Alexandra

Resurfacing Serum

Alexandra recently tried out the Resurfacing Serum by Tata Harper and shared her experience in a video review. This serum contains both AHA and BHA, with ingredients like salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Alexandra mentioned that the serum has a watery and silky texture when applied. The instructions recommend using it both morning and night, but she advised being cautious in the morning due to the AHA and BHA content. She highly recommended wearing sunscreen after using the serum. Alexandra found that the serum helped with dullness, fine lines, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. She applied it to her face, neck, and hands, and noticed a nice glow in the morning. Overall, the Resurfacing Serum by Tata Harper seems to be an effective product for improving skin texture and tone.

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About Tata Harper

About Tata Harper

MAXIMAL PERFORMANCE FORMULAS FOR EXTREME RESULTS. Tata Harper engineers maximal performance skincare, highly-concentrated and intentionally calibrated with the most potent natural actives and sensorial ingredients for healthy, radiant skin at any age – all without a drop of synthetic chemicals.

Founded in: 2011
Origin: United States
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Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Skincare iconSkincare
Luxury iconLuxury
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Sustainable Ingredients iconSustainable Ingredients
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