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Regenerating Cleanser#Tata Harper

Green - 1.7oz


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Tata Harper

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Uncompromising Beauty for Uncompromising Women

Uncompromising Beauty for Uncompromising Women

We pack the most ingredients at the highest levels of concentration to deliver maximum results—without a single drop of artificial chemicals. Our products are made for those who expect the best and want the most results from their skincare. Our non-toxic products will never make you choose between health and results or between natural and high-performance. You shouldn’t have to compromise your ideals when it comes to beauty. That’s why every product we make is formulated without compromise. Period. Look for the High Performing Ingredients icon on your box and on our site to see just how many bioactive botanicals are working to make your skin beautiful.

About Tata Harper

MAXIMAL PERFORMANCE FORMULAS FOR EXTREME RESULTS. Tata Harper engineers maximal performance skincare, highly-concentrated and intentionally calibrated with the most potent natural actives and sensorial ingredients for healthy, radiant skin at any age – all without a drop of synthetic chemicals.

Founded in: 2011
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
Female Founded

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