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Peony Press On Nails
Peony Press On Nails
/tella nails peony press on nails os beige
/tella nails peony press on nails os beige
/tella nails peony press on nails os beige
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review of Tella Nails Peony Press On Nails  by me.gumiii
review of Tella Nails Peony Press On Nails  by ashrenee34
review of Tella Nails Peony Press On Nails  by pattipan

Peony Press On Nails #Tella Nails

Color: Beige


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Review by Christine

So these are the Press-On Manicure Nails by Tella Nails, specifically in the color Peony. Christine, the reviewer, wanted to showcase the nails before application. The set includes nails numbered from one to nine, with number one being the largest. Christine mentioned that she has been wearing them in white and they have lasted a long time. The package comes with an applicator, glue, a nail file, and stickers as an alternative to using glue. Christine found them easy to apply and mentioned that she filed hers down for a better fit. Overall, Christine expressed satisfaction with the product and mentioned that she would consider purchasing them again.

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  • Lasted for a
  • Easy to put
  • Affordable price

Review by Christine

Peony Press On Nails

Christine tried the Peony Press On Nails by Tella Nails for the second time, after previously using the white ones. She was much happier with the peony color and mentioned that she cut the length to her preference, as she likes her nails short. Despite her hands not looking their best at the moment, she expressed satisfaction with the shape of the nails. Overall, Christine seemed super happy with the outcome of the Tella Nails press-on nails in the peony color.

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Review by Katie Wallace

Peony Press On Nails

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Review by Renée

Peony Press On Nails

Renée tried the Peony Press On Nails by Tella Nails and was impressed with the kit's comprehensive contents. It includes everything needed for application, even stickers as an alternative to glue. Renée found the process easy, starting with prepping and filing her nails. She appreciated how simple it was to find the right sizes and set them out. Renée emphasized the importance of pushing back cuticles for a salon-like finish. She expressed her satisfaction, stating that she won't go back to other options. Renée's positive experience with these press-on nails makes her confident for an upcoming photo shoot. Overall, the Peony Press On Nails by Tella Nails provide convenience and professional-looking results.

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About Tella Nails

About Tella Nails

Tella Nails was founded by two driven and passionate sisters who discovered the true value of press-on manicures during the pandemic. With the lack of quality press-on nails in the market, Paulina and Sabrina were on a mission to create salon-quality nails that are reusable and the fraction of the cost of a salon-visit. With the goal of creating a press-on manicure that was accessible, high-quality, affordable as well as size-inclusive, Tella Nails was born. Our first collection, The Bouquet Collection, was inspired by flowers from our Mother's garden, where we spent the first half of our quarantine. The Bouquet Collection focuses on solid shades that are both classic and contemporary. Sabrina's favorite color in the collection is Iris while Paulina's favorite color in the collection is Primrose, which truly shows their different styles. Fun fact: The name "Tella" derives from their mother's first name "Donnatella". Made With Love, Paulina & Sabrina

Founded in: 2020
Origin: United States
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