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review of Too Faced Cocoa Bold Lipstick  by 63a4c2001fd1d04c33489ebc
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Video Review of #TOO FACED Cocoa Bold Lipstick by Olivia

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What Olivia says about Cocoa Bold Lipstick Triple fudge

Cocoa Bold Lipstick Triple fudge by Olivia

The Too Faced Cocoa Bold Lipstick in Triple Fudge color is a must-try for those seeking a darker shade. Olivia, in her video review, mentioned that the lipstick appeared darker than expected, which adds to its allure. The pleasant scent and taste of the lipstick further enhance the overall experience. While the shade is undeniably dark, it still manages to look pretty and captivating. With its bold and rich color, the Triple Fudge lipstick by Too Faced is a great choice for those who want to make a statement. However, it's important to note that individual preferences may vary. Overall, this lipstick offers a unique and alluring option for those who love dark shades.

Reviews of Too Faced Cocoa Bold Lipstick Triple fudge

Review by Sierra

Cocoa Bold Lipstick

Overall, Sierra's review highlights the versatility and pigmentation of the Cocoa Bold Lipstick. The ability to mix and match shades allows for endless possibilities and customization. The Triple Fudge color appears to be rich and bold, creating a striking look. Additionally, Sierra mentions the lip injection, which suggests that the lipstick provides a plumping effect.

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Review by Lauren Roddie

Cocoa Bold Lipstick

Lauren was particularly impressed with the unique applicator, which is shaped like a heart. She followed the instructions and lined her lips with the tip of the heart, achieving a precise and pigmented result. Even without fully applying the lipstick, the color payoff was impressive.

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