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Olivia Berg - olivia_berg
Olivia Berg
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SAH mom, spoiled wife, jesus lover!


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The Fully Charged Mascara by PUR received a negative review from Olivia in their video review. Olivia mentioned that the mascara did not live up to their expectations as it came out chunky and crummy, resulting in clumpy lashes. They advised against wasting money and time on this product. Based on Olivia's feedback, it seems that the mascara lacks smoothness and fails to provide a desirable look to the lashes. Potential customers should consider these drawbacks before purchasing the Fully Charged Mascara by PUR.

Video review of  by undefined
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Olivia, in her video review of the Fully Charged Mascara by PUR, initially struggled with the application technique but eventually found it impressive. She mentioned following the instructions to wiggle the wand, which resulted in satisfactory results. The mascara is described as magnetic, indicating its ability to enhance lash volume and length. While Olivia did not elaborate on specific benefits, her positive impression suggests that the mascara delivers on its claims. However, the review lacks information on potential drawbacks or any other notable features of the product. Overall, Olivia's experience with the Fully Charged Mascara by PUR seems to be positive, making it a promising choice for those seeking voluminous lashes.

Video review of  by undefined
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Olivia, a self-proclaimed mascara junkie, tried the Fully Charged Mascara by PURR and shared her thoughts in a video review. She expressed excitement about trying the product and mentioned her love for mascaras. Unfortunately, the transcription does not provide any specific details about Olivia's experience with the mascara or her thoughts on its performance. Therefore, it is challenging to provide a comprehensive review of the product. However, based on Olivia's enthusiasm and passion for mascaras, it can be inferred that she had high expectations for the Fully Charged Mascara by PURR.

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