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TYS Beauty Lash Treat Lash Serum
TYS Beauty Lash Treat Lash Serum
/tys beauty lash treat os white
/tys beauty lash treat os white
/tys beauty lash treat os white
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Video review of TYS Beauty Lash Treat Lash Serum  by limbosoul
Video review of TYS Beauty Lash Treat Lash Serum  by bookingjaynicole
Video review of TYS Beauty Lash Treat Lash Serum  by wqp9c9hbh4

Lash Treat Lash Serum #TYS Beauty

Color: White


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Video review of Lash Treat Lash Serum by Delaney Dill
Verified Buyer

Delaney is thrilled with the adorable packaging of Lash Treat by TYS Beauty, a clean lash serum that she has recently discovered. Although she has only been using it for a day, she is already impressed by its potential to promote full, thick, and long lashes. Delaney appreciates that this serum contains gentle ingredients like aloe vera, which support the natural growth of lashes and contribute to their health and beauty. She is particularly excited about the absence of harsh chemicals that are often found in other lash serums. Delaney finds Lash Treat to be non-irritating and loves how gentle it is on her eyes. Overall, she is eagerly awaiting further results and highly recommends this product.

Video review of Lash Treat Lash Serum by Ellie Kosorok
Ellie Kosorok
Ellie Kosorok
Verified Buyer

The TYS Beauty Lash Treat is a remarkable product, as highlighted by Ellie in her video review. She was impressed by how gentle it felt on her eyes, without any burning sensation. The ease of application and clear directions also stood out to her. Ellie gave this product a perfect score of 10 out of 10 and highly recommends it to anyone looking to enhance their lashes. With its ability to provide fuller lashes, the TYS Beauty Lash Treat is a must-have for those seeking a noticeable transformation.

About TYS Beauty

About TYS Beauty

TYS Owners, Hannah and Haylee, have spent years training to become master technicians and building relationships as elite brand ambassadors - establishing themselves throughout the lash industry. As they both worked servicing a wide range of clients over the years, they noticed that customers were struggling to find a product that enhanced the growth of their natural lashes while maintaining their lash extensions properly - so they got to work. Their emphasis on taking care of and treating yourself allowed them to found their business on those very principles, creating a successful and sustainable solution. After years of research, formulation, and testing they created their product line to fill the gaps in the industry and bring luxurious treatment to customers.

Founded in: 2020
Origin: USA
Instagram Page
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Vegan iconVegan
Makeup iconMakeup
Prestige iconPrestige
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Sustainable iconSustainable

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