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VDL Lumilayer Illuminator
VDL Lumilayer Illuminator
/vdl lumilayer illuminator os pink
/vdl lumilayer illuminator os pink
/vdl lumilayer illuminator os pink
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Video review of VDL Lumilayer Illuminator  by madzaval
Video review of VDL Lumilayer Illuminator  by tiffany.gonzalez27
Video review of VDL Lumilayer Illuminator  by kamilahareed

Lumilayer Illuminator VDL

Color: Pink


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Product Information

Customer Reviews

Video review of Lumilayer Illuminator by Tiffany Gonzalez
Verified Buyer

The Lumilayer Illuminator by VDL is a must-have for fans of Korean skincare and makeup, according to Tiffany's video review. This illuminating primer not only gives the skin a beautiful glow but also offers SPF 30 protection, making it ideal for those concerned about anti-aging and dark spots. The product is lightweight and can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with foundation for a healthy glow. Tiffany personally loves mixing it with her foundation or sunscreen for a natural, radiant look. Overall, the Lumilayer Illuminator by VDL seems to be a versatile and effective product for achieving a luminous complexion.

Video review of Lumilayer Illuminator by Kamilah Reed
Kamilah Reed
Kamilah Reed
Verified Buyer

The Lumilayer Illuminator by VDL was reviewed by Kamilah in a video review. Kamilah mentioned that the product has SPF and appears slightly filmy when applied. She only used a small amount and found that it took some effort to rub in. Kamilah felt that the illuminator did not work well with her skin complexion as it left a film. However, she did mention that it smelled good and did not feel greasy. Overall, Kamilah concluded that the Lumilayer Illuminator was not suitable for her due to its difficulty in blending and leaving a film on her skin.

Video review of Lumilayer Illuminator by maddy zavala
maddy zavala
maddy zavala
Verified Buyer

The Lumilayer Illuminator by VDL is a cosmetic product that comes in a box with minimal instructions. It boasts an SPF 30, which is impressive. The reviewer, maddy, applies the illuminator all over their face multiple times. Unfortunately, the transcription repeats this action numerous times, making it difficult to discern any other key points about the product. However, based on the information provided, the Lumilayer Illuminator seems to be a versatile product that can be used all over the face. Its SPF 30 is a great addition, offering sun protection. Overall, the product appears to have potential benefits, but a more detailed review would be helpful in assessing its effectiveness.

About VDL

About VDL

A brand for the imaginers and go-getters, VDL is a fearless cosmetics brand that pushes the boundaries of makeup to create a sensual & animated makeup world.

Founded in: 2012
Origin: Korea
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