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Vital Red Light Vital Charge Handheld Light Therapy
Vital Red Light Vital Charge Handheld Light Therapy
/vital red light vital charge handheld light therapy os black
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Video review of Vital Red Light Vital Charge Handheld Light Therapy  by pretty_marra

Vital Charge Handheld Light Therapy #Vital Red Light

Color: Black


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Video review of Vital Charge Handheld Light Therapy by Shamarra Pace
Shamarra Pace
Shamarra Pace
Verified Buyer

After plugging it in, Shamarra applied the therapy device to the back of her leg, where she often experiences pain. She promised to return after 10 minutes to share her experience.

Video review of  by undefined
Verified Buyer

Chelsea is extremely excited about her new Vital Charge Handheld Light Therapy by Vital Red Light. She emphasizes the personal nature of this device, specifically designed for facial use. The product comes with protective glasses and a stand for convenience. Chelsea highlights the numerous benefits of red light therapy, including improvements in cellular health, skin health, sleep quality, weight loss, inflammation reduction, bone and joint health, muscle recovery, and hair growth. She mentions that the product's pamphlet provides detailed information on these benefits. Chelsea mentions that it is her first day using the device and plans to follow up with her experience. Overall, the Vital Charge Handheld Light Therapy seems to be a promising product with a wide range of potential benefits for its users.

About Vital Red Light

About Vital Red Light

You’ve seen LED facemasks & LED beauty wands. Now it’s time you experience a full body light experience. Red light therapy is way more than skincare, it is full body wellness. Vital Red Light has designed high-quality, zero EMF, and FDA cleared red light therapy devices that nourish your body from within. Step away from every simple 10-minute red light therapy session with radiant skin, more energy, and healthy cells.

Founded in: 2020
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Wellness iconWellness
Luxury iconLuxury

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