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Dress Perfume No.97 April Cotton
Dress Perfume No.97 April Cotton
/w.dressroom dress perfume no.97 april cotton os light blue
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review of W.Dressroom Dress Perfume No.97 April Cotton  by kpoplover6613

Dress Perfume No.97 April Cotton #W.Dressroom

Color: Light blue


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Reviews of W.Dressroom Dress Perfume No.97 April Cotton Light blue

review of W.Dressroom Dress Perfume No.97 April Cotton  by kpoplover6613

Review by Tamya

Tamya, in her video review, shares her thoughts on Dress Perfume No.97 April Cotton by W.Dressroom. She mentions that this fragrance reminds her of fresh laundry, giving off a clean and refreshing scent. Tamya reveals that she was inspired to try this perfume because BTS members, BamBam and Jungkook, wear it. As an ARMY, she highly recommends it. Overall, Tamya's review highlights the positive aspects of Dress Perfume No.97 April Cotton, emphasizing its clean and pleasant fragrance. However, it would be beneficial to include more details about the longevity and projection of the scent to provide a comprehensive assessment. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a fresh and clean fragrance, this perfume is worth considering.

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  • Smells like fresh laundry
  • Smells clean
  • Worn by BTS members
About W.Dressroom

About W.Dressroom

W.Dressroom is a world of fragrance creating innovative & memorable scents sourced with fresh sensorial ingredients to inspire wellness and individuality with a hint of New York flair. Find beauty in your daily life though our collection of diverse scents that match your mood & vibe allowing you to make scent your fashion statement! All at an accessible price. Dress & Living perfumes can be utilized as a body spray or a fabric refresher. The dual usage of our Dress & Living perfumes is a unique all-in-one approach to fragrance. The 99% anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic benefit allows for consumers to play in a world of fragrance from a safe & clean perspective. In addition, it’s water-based formula contains no harmful substances and leaves no nasty residue behind. Start your collection today. Smell Good, Feel Good with W.Dressroom New York. W.Dressroom also offers premium diffusers which instantly brighten up a space with uninterrupted refreshing fragrances.

Founded in: 2014
Origin: South Korea
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Fragrance iconFragrance
Budget Friendly iconBudget Friendly
Clean Ingredients, Water-Based iconClean Ingredients, Water-Based
KBeauty iconKBeauty
99% Anti-Bacterial icon99% Anti-Bacterial
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