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Wahlash Saweetie
Wahlash Saweetie
/wahlash saweetie os blue
/wahlash saweetie os blue
/wahlash saweetie os blue
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Video review of Wahlash Saweetie  by tammychloe09
Video review of Wahlash Saweetie  by beautybybritanie
Video review of Wahlash Saweetie  by bretheactivist

Saweetie #Wahlash

Color: Blue


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Video review of Saweetie by Breanna Robertson
Verified Buyer

Breanna, in her video review, shares her experience with the Saweetie by Wahlash lashes. She expresses her excitement about trying out this lash collaboration and mentions that the lashes are super thick and cute. Breanna appreciates the quality of the lashes and compares them to mink lashes, which she loves. She recommends these lashes for those who prefer a thicker lash look. Overall, Breanna seems satisfied with the Saweetie by Wahlash lashes and emphasizes their thickness as a standout feature. Her positive feedback suggests that these lashes could be a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their eye makeup with a bold and voluminous look.

Video review of Saweetie by Alondra M.✨
Verified Buyer

Alondra recently shared her thoughts on the Saweetie lashes by Wahlash in a video review. She mentioned that these lashes are undeniably beautiful, but unfortunately, they were too big for her eyes. Alondra expressed her hesitation to cut them up because of their stunning design. She even demonstrated the length of the lashes to give viewers a better idea. Despite her love for dramatic lashes, Alondra felt that these were just too much for her current natural glam era. She contemplated whether to try them out for a look, but ultimately decided to return them. However, she did acknowledge the great quality of the lashes and expressed her interest in trying other products from the brand. Overall, Alondra's review highlighted the beauty and quality of the Saweetie lashes, but cautioned that they may not be suitable for those seeking a more natural look.

Video review of Saweetie by Jakayla Lashae
Jakayla Lashae
Jakayla Lashae
Verified Buyer

Jakayla recently shared her thoughts on the Saweetie lashes by Wahlash in a video review. Despite just waking up, she was excited to try out these lashes and provide her honest feedback. According to Jakayla, the Saweetie lashes are not only cute and fluffy but also long and dramatic, giving the desired effect. She mentioned that they are a little thick, but this didn't seem to be a major concern for her. In fact, she loved them so much that she plans to buy more. Overall, Jakayla highly recommends the Saweetie lashes, emphasizing their quality and the impact they create. So, if you're looking for lashes that are both stylish and attention-grabbing, give the Saweetie lashes a try.

About Wahlash

About Wahlash

Wahlash is a luxury lash brand inspired by makeup enthusiasts for every eye shape. We believe that lashes are more than just an accessory, they are a statement. Our goal is to inspire and empower our customers to embrace their individuality and inner beauty through our products. We promote confidence, inclusivity, and believe that beauty has no limits. Our collection features a wide range of luxury lashes, designed to enhance your natural beauty and make a statement. Join the Wahlash lifestyle and let your lashes do the talking!

Founded in: 2018
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
Prestige iconPrestige
Makeup iconMakeup
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
BIPOC Founded iconBIPOC Founded

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