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/wakeheart aurora os dark purple
/wakeheart aurora os dark purple
/wakeheart aurora os dark purple
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review of wakeheart Aurora  by itsmeruti
review of wakeheart Aurora  by hollyyyx3
review of wakeheart Aurora  by itsmeruti

Aurora #wakeheart

Color: Dark purple


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Reviews of wakeheart Aurora Dark purple

review of wakeheart Aurora  by chloe_lear

Review by Felicia Maxwell

Felicia recently shared her thoughts on the Aurora candle by wakeheart in a video review. She mentioned that she purchased it from Waycart and was impressed by its delightful scent and strong throw. Felicia expressed her satisfaction with the candle, stating that it illuminated her entire room and created a warm ambiance. She even mentioned that she would repurchase it in the future. Overall, Felicia highly recommends the Aurora candle for anyone looking to add a cozy and inviting atmosphere to their space.

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  • smells so good
  • amazing throw
  • very warm
About wakeheart

About wakeheart

ABOUT US Wakeheart was founded in July 2019 by Youtubers Ethan and Grayson Dolan (The Dolan Twins) and entrepreneur Kevin Gould. Ethan and Grayson revolve their life around adventure, travel, fitness, veganism and spread positivity through their channel. They spent two years carefully crafting their own signature scents to truly embody their personalities and what makes them feel most confident. Wakeheart merged their passion for scent, memories and inspiring others to feel their best. The fragrance was more than just scent to the co-founders, it was an opportunity to spread and encourage confidence through smells, and that’s what Wakeheart truly encompasses. OUR MISSION Smell good. Feel good. Wakeheart is a scent and personal care brand aimed to spark mood and memory through high-quality scents. All our products are clean, vegan, and carefully crafted with the top perfumers in the world. We’ll take care of making it smell good, so you can focus on feeling good. Basically, we get you in the feels.

Founded in: 2019
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Made in the US iconMade in the US
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