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Yensa CBD Superfood Face Oil
Yensa CBD Superfood Face Oil
/yensa cbd superfood face oil os clear
/yensa cbd superfood face oil os clear
/yensa cbd superfood face oil os clear
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Video review of Yensa CBD Superfood Face Oil  by madelleyn
Video review of Yensa CBD Superfood Face Oil  by madelleyn
Video review of Yensa CBD Superfood Face Oil  by theclairebear

CBD Superfood Face Oil #Yensa

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Video review of CBD Superfood Face Oil by Cole Keister
Verified Buyer

The CBD Superfood Face Oil by Yensa is a must-have addition to your skincare routine. As Cole mentions in their video review, this facial oil is perfect for sealing in all the other skincare products you've applied. Packed with natural oils, it nourishes and hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated. The added benefit of 100 milligrams of CBD helps to calm your face and relax the muscles beneath the skin. With its wrinkle-reducing properties, this face oil is a game-changer. While the transcription doesn't mention any drawbacks, it's always important to patch test new products to ensure compatibility with your skin. Overall, the CBD Superfood Face Oil by Yensa is a powerhouse product that will elevate your skincare routine to new heights.

Video review of CBD Superfood Face Oil by Madelleyn Lopez
Verified Buyer

Madelleyn tried the frozen cucumber trend to reduce puffiness and redness on her face. She applied the frozen cucumber to her face for three minutes after cleansing, and noticed a reduction in redness and puffiness. She then used the Yensa CBD Superfood Face Oil, which left her skin hydrated, smooth, and with a beautiful glow. Madelleyn mentioned that she didn't need to use a filter in her video, showcasing the natural improvement in her skin's appearance. She has already used half of the oil and continues to enjoy its benefits. Overall, the Yensa CBD Superfood Face Oil seems to be a great addition to Madelleyn's skincare routine, providing hydration, smoothness, and a healthy glow.

About Yensa

About Yensa

Hi Superwomen, After giving birth to my daughter, I was faced with the same troubled skin I had when I was an actress wearing heavy makeup for 15 hours a day. The inspiration for YENSA came from my mother, who followed a 2000 year old practice, rooted in Chinese Medicine. “Zuo Zue Zi,” also known as “Sitting the Month,” is when a new mother “sits out” for the month after childbirth to rest and heal her body by integrating Superfoods into her daily routine. Inspired by Superfood traditions and Asian rituals, this lifestyle was lived by generations of women in my family and it restored my complexion and confidence. My skin glowed from the inside out and I knew I had to share this with women everywhere At YENSA, we work with top chemists from Korea, France, Los Angeles and beyond to create clean, luxurious products that are steeped in Superfood Science and Asian Rituals for a modern, diverse world. I hope we inspire you to face the world with confidence and thank you for letting me share the Superfood Glow with you! Live Your Yen,

Founded in: 2018
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
Made in the US iconMade in the US
Prestige iconPrestige
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