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/applique aquamarine os multi
/applique aquamarine os multi
/applique aquamarine os multi
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review of Applique Aquamarine  by meghanbalimedia
review of Applique Aquamarine  by petitebabyali
review of Applique Aquamarine  by petitebabyali

Aquamarine #Applique

Color: Multi



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review of Applique Aquamarine  by petitebabyali

Review by PetiteBaby

For those with small nails, PetiteBaby suggests that the box of Aquamarine stickers can be used at least twice. She highlights the convenience of these stickers, as there is no drying time required. However, she does mention that it is recommended to avoid water for an hour after application. PetiteBaby suggests filing the stickers and applying a top coat for a longer-lasting result.

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  • good quality
  • re-stickable
  • can be used at least twice
  • no drying time
  • long-lasting

Review by PetiteBaby


Aquamarine by Applique is a nail sticker that has impressed PetiteBaby during her week-long usage. She didn't reapply a top coat after it fell off on the second or third day, yet it still stuck fine. However, she noticed that the tip wore off and became less shiny over time. Despite this, PetiteBaby finds Aquamarine to be superior to other brands she has tried. One standout feature is its ability to withstand hair washing without coming off. The only caveat is that a strong top coat is necessary for optimal results. Overall, Aquamarine by Applique is a reliable and long-lasting nail sticker that delivers on its promises.

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Review by Laura


Aquamarine by Applique received mixed reviews from Laura. While she found the nail stickers to be visually appealing, she was disappointed with their durability. Despite following the instructions carefully, the stickers started peeling off within an hour of application. Laura also mentioned that the sizing of the stickers was limited, making them suitable only for small to medium-sized hands. She expressed her wish for larger sizes to accommodate those with larger hands. Despite her initial excitement about the pattern, Laura concluded that she would not repurchase the product due to its short lifespan. Overall, Aquamarine by Applique seems to have aesthetic appeal but falls short in terms of durability and size options.

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About Applique

About Applique

READY-TO-WEAR FOR YOUR NAILS Welcome to Appliqué, a revolutionary new nail art brand delivering clean, fashion-inspired, instant gel manicure sets made with vegan polish. Female founded by beauty and fashion insiders, Appliqué redefines nail art as the ultimate new Ready-to-Wear accessory. LONG LASTING GLAM, ON THE GO Our stylish and trend-forward designs provide the perfect instant nail art manicure that is easy to switch out for an on-the-go lifestyle. Produced in small batches with minimal, recyclable packaging, each set contains 16 double-sided Appliqué Gels, 2 prep-pads and a gentle glass file, all for less than the cost of the average manicure. Easy to remove, and non-damaging for healthier nails.

Founded in: 2022
Origin: United States
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