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PetiteBaby Ali
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▫️skincare obssess ▫️easy makup ▫️anti aging ▫️wellness and health


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PetiteBaby's review of Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil is overwhelmingly positive. She has bleached and colored her hair more than 15 and 10 times respectively in the last two years and has found that the product has helped strengthen the bonds of her hair. She also notes that the product adds shine to her hair and that she has tried other big brands, but this one works best for her. Most importantly, she notes that the product has heat protection and has cut down the time it takes to dry her hair in half. She states that it used to take her half an hour to dry her hair, but with the Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil it only takes her 15 minutes.

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PetiteBaby has found Supergoop's (Re)setting 100% MineralPowder SPF 35 to be an excellent product. PetiteBaby appreciates that the product does not mess up their makeup while also providing protection from the sun. PetiteBaby also finds that the product is easy to carry and helps to smooth their skin and remove oil from their face. PetiteBaby loves the product and finds it to be a great solution for reapplying sunscreen every two hours.

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The Multi Protection UV Fixer SPF 50 by Moonshot is a sunscreen-infused primer that offers SPF 50+ and PA+++ protection. According to PetiteBaby, the product has a pleasant scent and provides excellent hydration. It is recommended to be applied after toner, serum, and moisturizer. The UV fixer helps to brighten the face and can be used as a lightweight alternative to heavy makeup while still concealing imperfections. Initially, the product may appear slightly white on the skin, but it gradually blends in for a natural and radiant finish. Overall, the Multi Protection UV Fixer SPF 50 by Moonshot seems to be a beneficial product for those seeking sun protection and a glowing complexion.

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