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All eyes are on you with the 10 best self-tanners

Jun 24, 2022
Aug 26, 2022

Do you want the perfect healthy glow to last all year? Self-tanners help you look like you just returned from a tropical vacation every day without having to expose your skin to any harmful UV rays. Sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin when you’re out in warm weather, and a fake tan is a great way to get the perfect summer glow without stressing out your dermatologist.

Self-tanning products come in various forms with different methods for application and skin benefits. To find the best self-tanners, all you have to do is look on Flip to find out what other people think of the products.

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Woman laying at beach sand after applying self tanner
Table of Contents

1. Tan-Lux The Body Illuminating Self Tan Drops

Do you love The FACE? You’re going to be obsessed with The BODY. This Tan-Lux tailor-made self-tanning concentrated drops work in synergy with your existing body care regime to transform your favorite moisturizer into a custom self-tan with skin-firming benefits. The revolutionary dropper system allows for total control; the more you drop, the more you glow! Grown in France, this naturally derived DHA is of the highest quality to give a natural-looking glow that’s totally unique to your skin tone. Designed with hydrating and skin-boosting ingredients such as raspberry seed oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera, plus a caffeine-rich cellutone complex to help skin appear firmer. The pH is balanced at 4.5 to minimize the traditional self-tan smell.

2. Isle of Paradise Night Glow Self Tan Face Mist

Wind down with this calming gradual face tanning mist. This self-tan face mist combines skincare and a gradual tan so you can wake up glowing. The formula includes a calming blend of natural oils promoting sleep and ultra-hydrating ingredients that calm and soothe the skin. This bedtime face mist features a soothing blend of ylang-ylang, jasmine, and lavender to help relax the mind, body, and soul. Hyaluronic acid and moisture-locking glycerin deeply hydrate skin while you sleep. With the perfect level of gradual tan for nightly use, skin looks rested and radiant by morning. Simply spritz for a soothing before-bed ritual.

3. Tanologist Self Tan Water

Tanolgist bottled an effortless Golden Hour Glow with this transparent, multi-use self-tan mist for the face and body. The founder of Tanolgist, Lottie, loves using her Self Tan Water as a glowy makeup-setting spray. Hydrating ingredients in the formula help keep dry skin away. The formula won’t clog your pores or leave streaks for the perfect flawless finish. Application is quick, easy, and mess-free; just mist onto skin and blend. If you want one of the best self-tanners for beginners, this tan water is great because it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave a mess.

4. Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops

Control your glow with Medium Self-Tanning Drops. Transform your skincare into a custom self-tanner with color-correcting benefits. Green color-correcting ingredients cancel red tones and give the perfect medium golden tan. This shade is the bestseller: it’s universally flattering and enhances all skin tones. These drops are perfect for integrating into your existing skincare routine, and you can use them on both the face and body, supercharge your skincare with ultra-hydrating coconut, chia seed, and avocado oil. The drops can be mixed with oils, serums, moisturizers, and even foundation. Getting your paradise glow couldn’t be easier.

5. Tan-Lux ​​Super Glow Body Hyaluronic SelfTan Serum

The ultimate hydrating daily body glow serum, infused with a unique blend of hyaluronic acids and powerful superfoods, is ideal for glowing skin that looks and feels softer and firmer from the very first use. This is your favorite skin care, but for your body. Super Glow Body offers the magic of this bestselling Super Glow Face Serum, but for your whole body. The Proprietary Hyaluronic Complex combines both a high-weight hyaluronic acid and extremely low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate to achieve hydration binding across multiple layers of the skin. This enables multi-level, instant, and lasting hydration, leaving skin looking and feeling firmer, refreshed, and visibly more radiant.

6. Isle of paradise self-tanning Body Butter

Get buttered up with an indulgent golden glow for your body. The illuminating formula hydrates and nourishes with a natural blend of coconut, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils. Featuring green color correcting ingredients to cancel redness on the skin. A richer version of your body moisturizer with added gradual glow, this is vacation-ready skin every day. Formulated to have a rich texture for an indulgent, hydrating finish, a blend of skin-saving oils replenishes, rejuvenates, and softens the skin. The body butter is fast-absorbing and non-greasy that’s buildable with each use. It’s one of the best self-tanners for fair skin because it gradually builds your tan.

7. Tan-Lux The Butter Illuminating Tanning Butter

Get ready to foam and glow with this vitamin-infused, water-based tan mousse. This tanning foam has a crystal-clear formula without synthetic dyes and is a clean, luxurious, super-lightweight whipped foam that doesn’t transfer onto sheets or clothing. With a nourishing cocktail of vitamins B, C, and E, plus raspberry oil and aloe vera, the whipped foam easily glides onto the skin, leaving it super hydrated. Formulated without a guide color, HYDRA-MOUSSE gives a clean, natural-looking tan without clogging pores, streaking, or dehydrating the skin. 

8. Isle of Paradise ​​Hyglo Self-Tan Face Serum

Looking for the best self-tanner for your face? Isle of Paradise Hyglo Self-Tan Face serum is an ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid self-tan serum formulated for daily use to leave skin with an illuminated, glowy finish. Hydrating hyaluronic acid delivers instant, lasting moisture, and you'll see brighter, plumper, and dewier skin with each use. Formulated specifically for the face, the Hylgo Self-Tan Face Serum will give you the perfect gradual glow. Infused with IoP’s signature complex of plant-based oils, skin is left looking nourished and healthy.  

9. Coola Sunless Tan Express Sculpting Mousse

The fast track to a healthy, natural glow starts with COOLA's Organic Sunless Tan Express Sculpting Mousse. Sculpt away lazy days and reveal your inner goddess. The mousse is great for normal, combination, dry, and oily skin. Made with COOLA's highest level of DHA, naturally derived from sugar beet, it creates a tan within hours. This mousse gives you a streak-free and transfer-resistant tan that lasts up to three days and is enhanced with a natural pina colada scent.

10. Tanologist Gradual Tan Lotion

The Gradual Tan Lotion works like your daily moisturizer with added GLOW for perfectly sun-kissed skin. With a buildable lightweight glow, it’s suitable for use on the face and body. The hydrating formulation quenches thirsty skin without clogging your pores. You can also mix with your Self Tan Drops for an even deeper tan. The easy-to-use tube guarantees a mess-free application, while the adaptable shade suits all skin tones. Once developed, your glow will last up to one week and fade evenly, as a regular suntan would. 


What’s the best self-tanner on the market?

People love many different self-tanners, so what’s “best” really depends on your skin type and what look you want. You can find gradual tanners or a self-tanning lotion that’s good for sensitive skin. If you have specific skin concerns, the best self-tanner dermatologist-recommended self-tanner is one that matches your skin type and is formulated without potential irritants. Always check with your doctor if you have concerns about a product. Whatever tanning product you’re looking for, you can check out first-hand reviews on Flip to find your perfect product.

Is there a self-tanner that really works?

Many self-tanners can give you the perfect subtle glow that looks like you just got back from the beach. If you want to avoid a streaky tan and get the most out of your product, exfoliate your skin first. Mixing your tanner with a moisturizer will help ensure that your skin is hydrated and takes the product well. If you’re unsure about a product, check out product reviews on Flip to see real results. 

What spray tan do celebrities use?

If you want to shimmer and glow like a celebrity, a self-tanning product is what you need. Celebrities all have their favorite products, and just like you, everyone’s skin is different. The key is to find the right product for your skin and one that you find easy to apply.

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