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Sep 14, 2022
Sep 19, 2022

Creating content on Flip is not the same as downloading your viral Tik Tok video to your camera roll and uploading it to reels with the same return. 

On Flip - the trends and viral videos aren’t comparable. The return is not comparable to other socials, because you can make real cash. 

You are creating a new type of content that does not hold value in views - but rather value in the quality of information!

On social media, anyone can copy the format,  video, and song of another creator, and all 100 of those videos will go viral in 24 hours, plus the song will be trending on all fronts. 

Flip is different - Flip requires a little more grit - you can’t rely on a trending song to get you to succeed you have to actually put in the work.

But the return is exponential… If done right.

It's a new entity that you and I  are learning as it grows.

Like humans, who get smarter and faster as they grow -
Flips algorithm is always getting smarter and faster. 

So, if you found this blog it means either you wanna learn how to make money on Flip, google randomly pushed it to you, or someone sent you the wrong link. Hopefully the first, but if you're here by mistake you are more than welcome. 

I'm spending the next however amount of little free time I have at night to start this blog. This is not something forced upon me by management but created because I wanted to provide you all with a more substantial understanding.

  I spend the majority of my time communicating with you, the shopper, on how to understand and succeed on Flip. 

 - Oh, yea - side note I’m the Content and Creator Insights Manager here at Flip. 

    I’ve probably been on the other end of your live chat messages once or twice :)

... anyway, I’ve spent so much time communicating with you all and it didn't feel like enough. I wanted to be able to just give you the insight I had.

So here we go.

Flip is an authentic platform, right? Might as well just lay it all out there… 

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Table of Contents

The Power of an Intro

Alright, let's be real. If the first 3 seconds of your video aren't interesting, no one is going to care to watch more than 3 seconds. 

 - Hint hint - this is why in your earnings dashboard there is a 3-second view count tab so you can see, of all the people who swiped to my video how many stayed for longer than 3 seconds… how many stayed longer than half way. 

If your video is boring, no one will stay and watch the rest, which means your view earnings will not increase aka you don't make $.

How do you get someone to stay and watch your review, well you have to have a great intro

Your intro should be engaging and clear in the first 3 seconds. 

  - If you are only showing the packaging on screen- no go.

  - If it takes longer than 3 seconds for you to start talking - no go. 

Start with something exciting like a quick after and before - yes that was the right order. 

  - Showing the final product first and then the route it took to get there, entices people to stay and learn and engage with your review. 

Is there an interesting fact you can say right off the bat to draw people in?

Is there something unique that can catch people's attention?

Those first few seconds are the most important to get people to stay and watch. 

Now, if the rest of your video is boring, no-one will make it to the end, let alone halfway so like I’ll mention in lesson 2 - the value of your information is the most important.


Understanding the Value of YOUR Information

To learn how to make money Flip or succeed, you must go back to the basics - understanding the value of your information.  

You are the shopper, you chose this product for a reason, give us your honest opinion.

Good content on Flip has nothing to do with which trending song you chose but everything to do with what you decide to say.. 

I'm going to say it louder for the people in the back - just because your video did well on another platform, does not mean your video will compare in engagement and sales on Flip. 

The basics:

First and foremost - you can only tag one product at a time, so you should only speak about one product at a time. 

Suggesting you only speak about one product per video isn't a way for Flip to get more videos. Only tagging one product at a time is learned information from the algorithm. 

There isn't enough time to discuss multiple products - this is on purpose. 

  - Why? Because it was tested. Multiple products are confusing to the user. No matter how long the video is - even more than 60 seconds - there isn't enough focus on   the individual product for the viewer to be interested enough to stay and watch, let alone buy. 

Don't talk about multiple products in one video.

  - You can only tag one product from your review, so why would you speak about multiple products in one video?

  If two products go hand in hand - tag the second product in the comments and make a separate video about it. 

Unboxing - don't do them - they aren't exciting and don't provide users any information. Also, they are boring. It's that simple, seriously. 

The details:

 Imagine your page is a personal directory of information. The information you are providing needs to be personal. 

If we can read the info on the website - it's not helpful. 

If you are reading the packaging description, it's not valuable. 

So what is valuable information: 

Valuable information is New Information.  This is the key here,  provide NEW information.

Provide insight that you experienced and learned on a personal basis.

For example: 

  • Not valuable: This product lasts all day :) 
  • Valuable: I put this on at 9:00 am today, and it lasted until 3:00 today!
  • Or I put this on at 9:00 am this morning, and it didn't even last till lunch, even though they say all-day wear. 
  • … and then you actually show the before and after




Content and Creator Insights Manager @ Flip

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