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These 12 Eye Creams Will Make You Look Younger and More Awake

They say eyes are windows to the soul. But if crow's feet and dark circles surround your eyes, your beautiful soul may be missed. This is why dermatologists agree that eye cream should be an essential product in your skincare routine.

Eye cream hydrates and nourishes the delicate skin around your eyes. This is important as this skin is more vulnerable to dryness, sun damage, aging, free radicals, and even regular eye movements (yes, squinting causes wrinkles). A quality under-eye cream gives that skin the moisture and vitamins it needs to reduce wrinkles, making you look younger and more awake.

What’s the right eye cream for you? It all depends on your skin type and skin care needs. Luckily, Flip has a variety of the best eye creams available for you to check out — here are a few of our favorites.

September 21, 2022
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Table of Contents

1. Sweet Chef Turmeric + Vitamin C Booster Eye Cream

Awaken your eyes with this hydrating eye cream that harnesses the brightening power of turmeric. This makeup-friendly gel-cream uses a unique blend of turmeric, vitamin C, ginger, niacinamide, and probiotics to effectively lighten the appearance of dark circles and nourish the delicate and often dehydrated skin around your eyes.

2. COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

COSRX's Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream is for people who never want to look tired again. This lightweight, double-functioning eye cream visibly brightens the eye area. The secret? The snail secretion filtrate, which helps hydrate skin and improve fine lines. If you want younger-looking, super-smooth skin, this is one of the best eye creams for wrinkles.

3. Naturium Multi-Peptide Eye Cream

Naturium's new and improved multi-peptide eye cream hydrates, brightens, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces the look of dark circles. It’s formulated with even more peptides and Argireline amplified, a popular skincare ingredient that smoothes fine lines and wrinkles for a more refreshed look.

4. e.l.f. Holy Hydration! Eye Cream

This rich hydrating eye cream is one of the best drugstore eye creams around because it deeply moisturizes the eye area while minimizing dark circles. Holy Hydration! is an eye cream that's perfect for all skin types, with a non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula ideal for wearing under makeup to lock in moisture.

5. GLAMGLOW BRIGHTEYES Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream

This fast-absorbing cream works on all skin tones to energize and brighten under and around the eye for a well-rested look. With linoleic acid, watermelon, apple, and narcissus extracts, it strengthens the delicate eye area’s moisture barrier and fights visible signs of fatigue while gently erasing the look of fine lines and wrinkles in just four weeks.

6. Kinship Brightwave Energizing Eye Cream

This illuminating eye cream contains clinically-proven active ingredients to brighten, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Red algae improves hydration and brightens dark circles. Chaga mushroom depuffs and energizes skin. Vitamin C ester delivers radiance while diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

7. Ursa Major Forest Alchemy Eye Cream

This supremely nourishing, all-in-one eye cream has powerful active ingredients and a rich, creamy texture you’ve got to feel to believe. Rewind the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ease up dark circles, depuff, and hydrate in one effortless step. All that's left for you to do? Set your eyes on the next adventure.

8. Derma E Vitamin C Eye Cream

Color correct and diminish the look of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness around the delicate under-eye area with this brightening eye cream. This cream contains vitamin C to support collagen health and improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, caffeine to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and golden turmeric to reduce the appearance of blemishes and enhance your skin's natural glow.

9. Mario Badescu Caffeine Eye Cream

A lightweight eye cream that brightens and hydrates under-eyes, targeting puffiness and minimizing the appearance of dark circles. The caffeine in this cream constricts blood vessels around the eyes to reduce inflammation, making it one of the best eye creams for puffiness. It's also fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, so you’ll enjoy brighter eyes without worrying about the use of animal products.

10. FaceTory Me, Myself, & Eye Cream

FaceTory's Me, Myself, & Eye Cream is a moisturizing cream that banishes dark circles and dry patches. This eye cream has a luxurious formula charged with rice water and Bifida lysate ferment to reduce eye puffiness and brighten any darkness.

11. Pyunkang Yul Eye Cream - Anti-wrinkle & Anti-aging

Hygienically take care of your eye area with this nutrition-packed eye cream in 50 individual packages. Pyunkang Yul eye cream contains isoflavonoids extracted from milk vetch root, firming dull skin around the eyes. It also contains saponin and ginseng extract, which promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

12. Burt's Bees Renewal Firming Eye Cream

Your delicate eye area needs a gentle, effective way to stay hydrated and smooth. Burt's Bees Firming Eye Cream uses bakuchiol — a natural, plant-based, gentle alternative to retinol — to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, under-eye circles, and crow's feet while hydrating and nourishing the skin.


Which eye cream is best?

The best under-eye cream for you will depend on the results you want. Someone who wants to reduce the signs of aging will want different ingredients than someone looking to reduce dark circles. Similarly, someone with oily skin may not want the same eye cream as someone with dry skin.

Take a little time to understand your skin type and beauty goals, and you'll be able to find the ideal eye cream for your specific needs.

Which product is best for eye wrinkles?

The most common type of wrinkles around the eyes are called dynamic wrinkles. These develop when the muscles under the skin contract repeatedly over time (which happens anytime you move your eyes). Crow's feet are an example of dynamic wrinkles.

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process — but that doesn't mean we don’t want to reduce them. The best way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes is to use anti-wrinkle eye creams that promote collagen production, as collagen improves skin strength and elasticity. Look for eye creams that contain vitamin A derivatives like retinol, vitamin C, peptides, and extracts like green tea, oolong tea, or grape seed. These stimulate collagen production in your skin and help fade wrinkles.  

What’s best for dark circles?

Dark circles can happen to anyone, regardless of age. Their cause varies — for some, it’s poor circulation while for others it’s sun damage or a lack of sleep. But no matter the cause, you can brighten dark, tired eyes with the right eye cream.

The best under-eye creams for dark circles contain ingredients like caffeine (constricts blood vessels to minimize darkness under the skin), vitamin C (helps lighten skin pigmentation), and hyaluronic acid (hydrates and plumps the skin to make blood vessels less visible).

Whether you're looking for the best eye cream for dark circles, something to make your wrinkles disappear, or any other product that’ll make you feel great, the Flip community can help you find the right product. Our community offers honest and informed reviews, so you always know which products live up to the hype.

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