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Wax Off: How To Clean Your Wax Warmer in 6 Easy Steps

A wellness routine takes many forms. For some, it involves pedicures and facials, while for others it’s clean eating and yoga. Then there are those who want 30 minutes to read their favorite novel. No matter your self-care ritual, a simple way to enhance it is with a wax warmer. 

Wax warmers perform two self-care roles: they heat aromatic wax melts to scent a room, like candles, potpourri, or incense, and they heat wax for dry skin treatments or hair removal.

Using a heater to release scent from melted wax is much safer and more convenient than using candles. 

And if you opt for a home waxing experience instead of shaving, having a personal wax heater is cheaper than weekly salon visits. 

Whether you use a candle wax warmer or one for at-home hair removal, these devices must be kept clean and in safe working order. Investing time in regular wax warmer cleaning also extends the lifespan of both types of heaters, so you won’t have to purchase a replacement before you’re ready. Let’s go over how to clean your wax warmer to start saving you time and money.

October 13, 2022
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Table of Contents

What you'll need

Before you begin, gather the equipment and materials needed to get the job done:

  • Heat-resistant gloves or oven mitts
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Microfiber or lint-free towel
  • Baby or mineral oil
  • Cotton balls
  • Clean cotton rags
  • Paper towels
  • Silicone spatula, plastic butter knife, or some other flexible scraper that won’t damage the finish 
  • Gentle, all-purpose cleaner
  • Magic eraser

The best way to clean a wax warmer in 6 easy steps

Whether you’re using your appliance to heat scented wax or for spa treatment purposes, getting wax out of a wax melter is the same.

  1. Warm the wax. It’s far easier to remove wax when it’s liquid. Turn on your unit and melt the leftover wax.
  2. Unplug your warmer. Give your appliance a couple minutes to cool before handling the hot wax. Unplugging it prevents you from accidentally turning the warmer back on and causing burns.
  3. Pour out the wax. If there’s a large amount of wax, pour it into a heat-proof container for disposal. If there’s only a little left in the container, soak up the remaining wax using cotton balls, rags, wax strips, or paper towels, and then toss them in the trash. Whatever you do, don’t pour melted wax down the drain. This can block and damage your plumbing. If the wax begins to thicken, use your scraper to remove the soft wax gently from the wax pot.
  4. Clean up the residue. Spray your sponge with all-purpose cleaner and wipe down the interior of the wax well. If you find some tough stains, use a magic eraser to remove them. Dry the receptacle with a microfiber or lint-free tea towel.
  5. Don’t forget the drips. Check your machine for wax drips on its exterior and remove them by adding a few drops of mineral oil to your sponge and wiping them away. Don’t forget to dry the outside with your towel.
  6. Refill. Add your wax melts to the heater bowl, and you’re ready to begin again. 

If you’re using your warmer for hair removal, you can reuse the wax, provided you haven’t double-dipped your applicator, potentially contaminating it. Simply pour the used wax into a sterile, covered container, clean your appliance, and return the wax to the warmer.

BONUS TIP: If you’re in a rush and need to remove hard wax from the wax warmer, place the receptacle in the freezer for 10–15 minutes. The cold shrinks the wax, and you can release it from the container by flipping it upside down and tapping the bottom or running your scraper along the edge to lift the wax out in a solid piece. If you’re cleaning a ceramic wax warmer, check the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations to ensure the cold won’t harm it.

How often should you clean your wax warmer?

Cleaning frequency depends on the type and how often you use it. If you’re using your heater to release scent into your home or office, wait to clean it until the fragrance runs out. 

If you’re using a wax warmer for personal care, it should be emptied and cleaned after every use or day of service. Otherwise, you risk contamination that could lead to a skin infection or residue buildup that could damage your appliance.

Keep your wax warmer in tip-top condition

Your wax warmer is an investment. Keep it working its best by following a few simple recommendations.

  1. Unplug. Just like people, your wax warmer needs to power down. Don’t leave it plugged in overnight or for extended periods. 
  2. Running on empty. Always make sure there’s wax in the receptacle when you turn on the machine. Without it, the unit might overheat and short out the electrical system.
  3. Get collared. Make cleanup a snap by using disposable plastic or reusable silicone liners. You can also purchase collars that catch drips, keeping the exterior of your liner wax and stain-free. 
  4. Stay above water. Don’t attempt to wash your electric warmer by submerging it in water. If you use a candle-powered wax warmer, wait until the unit is completely cool before putting it in the sink.

By regularly following these recommendations, your clean wax warmer will perform at its peak for years. 

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