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Grow a Following on Flip With Amazing Content

Creating reviews on Flip isn’t just for Addison Rae — we want all of our shoppers to join the Flip community and share their thoughts on beauty products. The best part? Anyone can build a following on Flip.

Flip combines shopping, reviewing, and creating video content on one platform. If you’ve just started using Flip to shop and want to try your hand at content creation, we know it can seem intimidating. But we promise making great content is fun — and rewarding. 

Flip’s video reviews help you find great products, connect with other beauty and self-care lovers, and earn money. The bigger your audience, the more you’ll gain.

Whether you’re new to Flip or already a creator, we can help you understand how to create fantastic content on Flip with these tips and tricks. It’s time to grow your following.

August 29, 2022
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Table of Contents

1. Be consistent

Consistency is the key to gaining loyal followers. Try to post regularly — at least 3–5 videos a week. The more content you create, the more opportunities you’ll have to engage new viewers and collaborate with others. 

Spread your posts out across the week, and schedule them on the same days at the same time. A consistent schedule lets your followers know when to expect content from you — making them all the more excited to watch. 

Create a filming and posting schedule that works for your routine to help you be consistent. If you know Sunday afternoons are always open, for example, film all your content for the week ahead of time. Then, it’s just a matter of posting along with your schedule.

Remember, it takes time to grow an audience. Don’t lose hope if you start posting consistently and don’t gain many followers right away.

2. Check trending products

To create a trending video, research what products are popular on Flip to feel out what products your audience wants to learn about. 

Trending products are also a great way to find items you’ll enjoy using — and be excited to talk about. To find the most popular products on Flip, simply head on over to the “Trending” tab. There, you can look at the most popular products and videos for the day.

3. Review products you actually use 

It might be tempting to review tons of products just for more views, but your audience will know if you’re not passionate about your reviews. Create content about products you truly want to try or already love. 

For example, if you’re a big fan of false eyelashes, create content reviewing falsies. Your passion and knowledge will grab people’s attention. If you have curly hair and struggle with frizz, your audience will want to know your thoughts on different anti-frizz products

If you order products you don’t want to use, it’ll be difficult to make content that retains an audience. Viewers would rather watch a review from someone who knows what they’re talking about because the product matches their beauty interests. Pick up items you’re excited about, whether it’s a brand you love or something completely new.

4. Interact with other creators

On Flip, you can connect with other people who love the same products as you. It’s all about community. You’re not shopping alone — you can find tips and tutorials about new products from other fans of beauty and self-care. 

Take inspiration from videos you like. If you see someone review a product you want to try, order it in your next Flip box, create a video with your take, and mention the creator who inspired you. 

Comment on creators' videos to connect with them and let other shoppers know what content you love. Think of Flip as a way to build a network of people who love beauty products. Plus, if your comment on another reviewer’s video is helpful, fans of that creator will head over to your channel. Videos aren’t your only content — you can broaden your reach with a popular comment on a video you like.

5. Be genuine 

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and share your honest opinion. 

Shoppers on Flip want to hear genuine testimonials and reviews for products. Find your individual voice, style, and focus to set your channel apart. If you love all things skincare, for example, narrow in on that and share your knowledge. If you’re a makeup novice and want to try new things, document your journey to help others who want to learn about makeup. 

There’s no magic template for creating trending content, but people always appreciate honesty. You don’t have to be a digital marketing expert to make amazing Flip videos. Take your content to the next level by being yourself and sharing your authentic experiences with Flip beauty products.

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