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Get Your Dream Hair With These Curling Irons

From the red carpet to the beach, there's no denying that curly hair is always trending. Styling show-stopping curls isn't complicated — all you need are the right tools and a little practice. But using hot tools for styling is intimidating if you have super fine hair because it’s more susceptible to heat damage.

Don’t worry — you can have long-lasting curls without the damage. These are the best curling irons for fine hair, available on Flip.

September 29, 2022
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woman getting a curly hair by using an iron
Table of Contents

1. INH Insert Waves Here Deep Wave Iron

Say hello to the very first INH hair hot tool. This gentle wave iron is made with hot plates coated in a tourmaline ceramic glaze that'll minimize damage to your hair, even when it’s on the highest heat setting, making this the best ceramic curling iron for fine hair. The adjustable heat settings are easy to use with its LCD panel. Even beginners can get wavy with the heat-resistant glove that stops you from burning your fingers. 

2. Glister Interstellar Digital 32mm Curling Iron

Don't just look cool — look cosmic with Glister’s Interstellar curling iron. This is Glister’s first clip curling iron with an adjustable digital temperature display using tourmaline heading technology to heat up to 450 degrees in 60 seconds. This hot number will be your new go-to for everything from tight curls to loose beachy waves. An ergonomic 360 degrees swivel cord prevents wire tangles, making this perfect for long hair, and a 60-minute shut-off safety feature makes styling stress-free. This is the best curling iron for fine, limp hair, offering sky-high volume without the risk of damage.

3. Almost Famous 1.25" Glam Series Flat Iron

Introducing the best flat iron for curling fine hair — the Glam Series by Almost Famous is all about old Hollywood glamor without damaging your hair. This is one of the most versatile flat irons around, allowing you to create whatever kind of curl your heart desires, no matter whether you’ve got long or short hair. Plus, it’s got ionic technology that battles frizz — tame your wild hair into smooth, red carpet-ready curls in minutes.

4. Foxybae Hair Rose Gold Titanium Flat Iron

Life’s too short for messy and unruly hair. Combat hair-mergencies with Foxybae's très sleek flat iron. The top-of-the-line rounded and spring-loaded plates allow you to create so many different hairstyles — from casual beach waves to big and bouncy curls, this hair straightener is perfect for all looks and occasions. It’s great for both fine and thick hair because its digital temperature control allows you to customize the heat settings to your needs. Plus, it has auto shut-off and a 360° swivel cord, offering safety and tangle-free movement. 

5. Foxybae Hair Le'Se7en 7-in-1 Curling Wand Set

Time to tell your other hot tools to buzz off — the Queen bee of curling wands is here. Foxybae's Le'Se7eN is designed with signature rose gold titanium barrels to give you the longest-lasting curls possible while retaining moisture for healthy hair and maximum shine. With its seven interchangeable barrels, you can achieve endless hairstyles, from big beachy waves to tight, defined ringlets and everything in between. No matter your hair type, the advanced responsive technology evenly distributes heat better than any other curling wand. This is the best curling iron for short, fine hair because you can easily wrap thin strands around the smaller barrels. 

6. Almost Famous Beachy Waves Curler & Mini ToGo

Ditch the sea salt spray and achieve perfect soft and sexy beach waves with the best curling iron for fine, straight hair. This limited edition set includes a tourmaline gemstone-infused curling wand and an adorable mini flat iron in just one box. Powerful infrared technology means these tools heat up fast — so you'll be ready for that midnight beach party in no time.


How do you curl fine hair?

The main difference between curling thick vs. fine hair is the amount of heat and time. Thin hair is more easily damaged by heat, so you’ll want to avoid curling on high heat or keeping the iron on your hair for a long time. 

A great way to prevent damage is using a heat protectant spray and a curling iron designed to protect your hair. Irons with ceramic barrels distribute heat evenly and avoid tugging on hair. If you’ve got a high-quality iron like those listed above, you shouldn’t have to hold your hair on the iron for too long before the long-lasting curl forms. 

Here's a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to curl fine hair:

  1. Prepare your hair with products such as leave-in conditioner, styling creams, and heat protectant.
  2. Grab a section of hair. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl.
  3. Place the clamp near the end of your hair and curl around the barrel away from your face.
  4. For a styling wand, grab your section of hair by the end and wrap it around the barrel.
  5. Hold for several seconds.
  6. Let go of the curl. Be careful you don’t alter the shape of the curl as you pull the wand away (it will set as it cools).
  7. Repeat until your hair is curled.
  8. For soft curls, gently brush through your hair after you've curled it.
  9. Apply hairspray or texturizing spray.

What size of curling iron is best for thin hair?

The barrel size you use depends on the curl you want to create, not on your hair type. A large barrel creates loose waves, while a small wand is perfect for tight ringlets. To achieve classic curls, a 1-inch barrel will give you defined coils you can brush out for the perfect, bouncy curls. 

How do you get curls to stay in fine hair?

Fine hair may fall out of curls easily, especially if you avoid using high heat to prevent damage. Luckily, there’s hairspray. Spray from below your curls while you gently push them up, keeping some distance between the spray can and yourself to avoid crunchy hair. 

Check out reviews on Flip to find the best curling iron for fine hair. You’ll discover fellow fine-haired creators raving about their favorite products and enjoy purchasing products backed by a community of beauty enthusiasts.

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