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Dose of Colors Liquid Matte  Lipstick
Dose of Colors Liquid Matte  Lipstick
/dose of colors liquid matte lipstick os warm fuzzy
/dose of colors liquid matte lipstick os warm fuzzy
/dose of colors liquid matte lipstick os warm fuzzy
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Video review of Dose of Colors Liquid Matte  Lipstick Warm & fuzzy by flawlessbyalondra
Video review of Dose of Colors Liquid Matte  Lipstick Warm & fuzzy by blogbykristina
Video review of Dose of Colors Liquid Matte  Lipstick Warm & fuzzy by millerglow

Liquid Matte Lipstick #Dose of Colors

Color: Warm & fuzzy


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Video review of Liquid Matte  Lipstick by Gianella Brautigam
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Gianella, tried the Liquid Matte Lipstick in the Warm & Fuzzy color by Dose of Colors. She mentioned that the matte formula is a plus as it stays on longer. The color is described as really nice and something she would wear. Gianella also noted that the lipstick dried up quickly, which is another positive aspect. Overall, she expressed that she really liked the product and decided to go with this color. Based on her review, it seems that the Liquid Matte Lipstick in Warm & Fuzzy is a great choice for those looking for a long-lasting and attractive lip color.

Video review of Liquid Matte  Lipstick by Alondra M.✨
Verified Buyer

Alondra swatches the lipstick and is impressed by its intense pigmentation with just one swipe. She decides to apply it without using a lip liner to showcase the true shade on her lips. After two minutes, she notices that the lipstick has dried down, although it does transfer slightly. However, she believes that once fully set, it will likely not transfer. She describes the formula as comfortable, light, and airy, and highly recommends it. Alondra concludes by emphasizing that the Warm & fuzzy shade is absolutely gorgeous.

About Dose of Colors

About Dose of Colors

ANNA PETROSIAN | FOUNDER Anna's passion and creative ingenuity led her to create Dose of Colors in May 2013. For over ten years, her experience as a freelance makeup-artist has equipped her with the knowledge and insight to create, innovate, and cultivate, a brand of exceptional quality and excellence. Dose of Colors creates cruelty-free cosmetics that are user friendly, functional and always on trend. We love developing products that require minimal effort yet deliver maximum results. We are determined to bridge the gap between artistry, efficacy and comfort one product at a time. D represents diversity, design, and development. It links artistry, creativity, innovation, & versatility. O evokes originality, openness to the world, horizons and infinity. Beauty is recurrent yet incredibly unique. S represents style, sophistication, self confidence and success. A mix of sweet & sassy ;) E stands for edgy, easy to use, effortless and excellent. Made for everyone, everyday.

Founded in: 2013
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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