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Earth & Star Gut Gummies
Earth & Star Gut Gummies
/earth star gut gummies os green
/earth star gut gummies os green
/earth star gut gummies os green
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Video review of Earth & Star Gut Gummies  by kaylacannabliss
Video review of Earth & Star Gut Gummies  by 6568d49d6544461c3cdde145
Video review of Earth & Star Gut Gummies  by jumeauxdemoi

Gut Gummies #Earth & Star

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Video review of Gut Gummies by Kayla Bloom
Verified Buyer

Kayla recently discovered Gut Gummies by Earth & Star, a health and wellness brand, while scrolling through Flip. These adaptogen-infused gummies contain chonga and turkey tail mushroom extract, which are known for their immune-boosting properties. Adaptogens help our bodies naturally adapt to stressors and promote overall well-being. Kayla emphasizes how easy it is to incorporate these gummies into your daily routine, as they taste like delicious fruit gummies. Adding Gut Gummies to your vitamin supplement regimen is a simple and enjoyable way to enhance your health. Kayla highly recommends giving them a try for a healthier year ahead.

Video review of Gut Gummies by Rosy villarreal
Verified Buyer

Rosy, a lifestyle enthusiast, shares her positive experience with Gut Gummies by Earth & Star in her video review. She commends the product as a great starting point for anyone looking to make a lifestyle change. Despite initial concerns about the ingredients, Rosy finds the gummies delicious and mentions that her husband is equally obsessed with them. She highlights the immune-boosting benefits of Gut Gummies and confidently recommends them to others. Overall, Rosy's review portrays Gut Gummies as a tasty and effective way to support the immune system. With Rosy's endorsement, it's clear that Gut Gummies by Earth & Star is a worthwhile addition to any wellness routine.

About Earth & Star

About Earth & Star

Zoe and Erica here. As longtime wellness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, we're on a constant quest to find what actually works to improve your health, and we couldn't be more excited about functional mushrooms. These adaptogenic superheroes possess some of the most powerful health benefits on the planet, but many folks still can't quite grasp what they are (healing fungi), what they're not (trippy psychedelic mushrooms) or how to use them for optimal health. We feel they haven't truly had their moment in the sun (or shade, as the case may be), so we created earth & star to deliver these incredible benefits to you in the products that you already use every day, all in the name of helping you function just a little bit better. We believe the future is fungi, so we are thrilled to introduce you to Earth & Star®.

Founded in: 2021
Origin: USA
Instagram Page
Wellness iconWellness
Prestige iconPrestige
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Sustainable Ingredients iconSustainable Ingredients
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