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Curl Defining Cream
Curl Defining Cream
/moroccanoil curl defining cream os blue
/moroccanoil curl defining cream os blue
/moroccanoil curl defining cream os blue
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Video review of Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream  by samcattorres
Video review of Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream  by samcattorres
Video review of Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream  by 6536fd806208195ee7e6c756

Curl Defining Cream #Moroccanoil

Color: Blue


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Video review of Curl Defining Cream by Olivia

Review by Olivia

Based on Olivia's review, it is evident that the CURL DEFINING CREAM by Moroccanoil is effective in enhancing and defining curls. Olivia's positive experience with the product highlights its ability to deliver desired results. The cream's application and scrunching technique seem to work well in creating defined curls.

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  • Moroccan oil detangler
  • curl cream
  • scrunch it in
  • curled side versus non-curled side
  • perfect

Review by Sofia

Video review of Curl Defining Cream by Sofia

Sofia, a satisfied user of Moroccanoil's CURL DEFINING CREAM, shared her positive experience in a video review. She mentioned using Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray before applying the curl cream, which she has been using for the past four to five years. Sofia loves how the cream works wonders for her hair, using only four pumps for her thick and absorbent hair. The cream has a pleasant scent and leaves her hair beautifully styled. Sofia further explained her hair routine, including using Eco Gel and diffusing her hair for defined curls. Despite limited time, she was still impressed with the results, showcasing an abundance of curls and waves. Overall, Sofia expressed her love for the CURL DEFINING CREAM by Moroccanoil, making it a reliable choice for achieving stunning curls.

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Review by Essence

Video review of Curl Defining Cream by Essence

Essence provides a heartfelt review of the CURL DEFINING CREAM by Moroccanoil in her video. She starts by confessing that she succumbed to societal pressure and straightened her hair, resulting in horrendous heat damage. However, she found solace in this product as it helped her regain her natural curls. Essence used the Conair Curl Collective comb to evenly distribute the cream throughout her hair. The video showcases the impressive transformation of her curls, which she attributes to the Moroccanoil product. She expresses gratitude towards the brand for making her feel better about herself. Overall, Essence's review highlights the effectiveness of the CURL DEFINING CREAM in restoring and defining curls, making it a valuable addition to any natural hair care routine.

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Review by Amanda

Video review of Curl Defining Cream by Amanda

Amanda tried the CURL DEFINING CREAM by Moroccanoil for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. She received it as a freebie and was impressed by its amazing scent. Despite not using the shampoo and conditioner from the same line, Amanda brushed her hair after showering and applied the cream, scrunching it and flipping it around in a turban. After leaving it in for about half an hour and diffusing it, she achieved soft, crunch-free curls that smelled great. Amanda expressed her satisfaction with the product and mentioned that she will continue using it. Overall, the CURL DEFINING CREAM by Moroccanoil seems to be a promising option for those looking to enhance their curls without any major drawbacks.

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About Moroccanoil

About Moroccanoil

Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Moroccanoil brand comes to life through our iconic turquoise packaging and signature fragrance, for an exotic experience that transports the senses. Our first product, the original Moroccanoil Treatment, pioneered oil-infused haircare and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. At the heart of our brand is the stylist community that inspires us to create effective and easy-to-use products. And today, our goal remains unchanged: to continue pioneering innovation in beauty, while using our platform to make a difference.

Founded in: 2008
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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