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Amanda Durbin - MrsSD2002
Amanda Durbin
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I’m originally from Pittsburgh, but but now live in beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia. #FlipObsessed


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The Playful Pink Blush Kit - 50pk by Mai Couture is praised by Amanda in her video review. She finds the product to be fancy and loves the convenience it offers. The kit includes a tear-off paper with more papers inside, making it easy to apply the blush. Amanda mentions that she doesn't like a lot of blush, so the amount provided is perfect for her. She appreciates how simple it is to use, especially for someone who isn't a fan of blush. The kit comes with a good amount of papers, ensuring long-lasting use. Overall, Amanda recommends the Playful Pink Blush Kit for its ease of use and convenience.

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The Playful Pink Blush Kit - 50pk by Mai Couture is a great option for those who are not typically fans of blush. Amanda, a non-blush gal, found this product to be perfect for her preferences. The blush is not overly bold or bright, providing a more subtle and natural look. The kit includes 50 sheets of blush, a mirror, and a sponge with adhesive. The adhesive allows for easy application and ensures the blush stays in place. With five layers of adhesive, it is easy to replace when it becomes non-sticky. Overall, Amanda highly recommends this blush kit, making it a must-try for anyone looking for a more subdued blush option.

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Flip presents the Unlocked Length & Definition Mascara by Hourglass, as reviewed by Amanda. Amanda mentions that she used two coats on the top lashes and one coat on the bottom lashes. She usually avoids applying mascara on the bottom lashes due to transfer issues, but she loves this mascara. Amanda specifically mentions that she is using the black shade, possibly called "ultra black." She appreciates the mascara's ability to provide instant extensions and notes that it does not require the use of an eyelash curler. Overall, Amanda expresses her satisfaction with the product, highlighting its effectiveness in lengthening and defining the lashes.

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