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Celeste Salas - celestesalas
Celeste Salas
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27, Kansas - Fashion Blogger 🤍 https://www.shopLTK.com/explore/celestesalas


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The Pen Pal 4-in-1 Makeup Pen by Alleyoop is a must-have for those who love convenience and minimalism. Celeste, in her video review, praises this smart invention, especially for travelers who prefer to carry less. The pen features four makeup essentials in one sleek design. Celeste demonstrates its versatility by using the liner, brow, and white highlight colors. She is impressed with the product, calling it the "coolest invention ever" and highly recommends keeping it in your bag. The Pen Pal 4-in-1 Makeup Pen offers the convenience of multiple products in a single pen, making it a time-saving and space-efficient solution for beauty enthusiasts.

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The Glitter Lip Gloss - Pink by Unicorn Snot is a highly recommended product, according to Celeste's video review. She describes the gloss as glittery and pretty, with a soft texture and a delightful scent. Celeste mentions that the glitter is not noticeable when the lips are pressed together, and the gloss tastes and smells delicious. Overall, she expresses her happiness with the product and intends to keep using it. While the review does not mention any drawbacks or potential issues with the lip gloss, it highlights its benefits in terms of appearance, texture, scent, and overall satisfaction. Flip users looking for a glittery and enjoyable lip gloss should consider trying out the Glitter Lip Gloss - Pink by Unicorn Snot.

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The Last Skin Foundation - Ivory Beige by BBIA is reviewed by Celeste in a video. Celeste mentions that the foundation comes in three colors and she chose the ivory beige shade. She notes that the foundation is supposed to feel like skincare and customize to the skin tone. Celeste has dark eye circles and tests the foundation for its full coverage. Initially, she finds the shade lighter than her skin tone, but it eventually adjusts and evens out her skin. She praises the foundation for feeling nice, making her skin look soft, and providing some coverage. Celeste suggests it as a quick and easy option for light coverage, emphasizing the importance of choosing the correct color.

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