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Daniel Ranegar - dranegar125
Daniel Ranegar
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Daniel recently tried The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and was extremely pleased with the results. They found that their skin's elasticity had improved and that it had become more dewy. Additionally, they noticed a decrease in problem breakouts in the area they applied the product. They recommend using an SPF if using the product during the day, but highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good product. Daniel could not recommend it more.

Video review of Deep Serum by Daniel Ranegar
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The Noto Deep Serum is a must-have product, according to Daniel's video review. He mentions that he has purchased it multiple times and plans to continue using it indefinitely. The serum has a delightful orange scent, reminiscent of carrots, and contains seed oil extracts that give the skin a beautiful glow. Daniel believes that the serum has not only improved his skin's appearance but also provided overall benefits. While the review does not mention any drawbacks, it is clear that Daniel highly recommends the Noto Deep Serum for its effectiveness and pleasant fragrance.

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This is a pretty cool product by The Ordinary called Pycnogenol 5% - 15 ml. It's an antioxidant that is not talked about very often. It's great for people living in polluted areas like big cities. The product has a cool color and texture, giving the face a nice glow. Daniel mixes it in as a last step with his daily moisturizer, achieving a dewy look. Some people find the scent pleasant, while Daniel compares it to a chilled out Tabasco sauce. Overall, the results are enjoyable. The product seems to be effective in providing a healthy and radiant appearance to the skin.

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