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Chelsea Erinne - facebareskincare
Chelsea Erinne
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Actor and skincare lover with sensitive oily skin! I appreciate all love on my posts 💕


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Chelsea had a difficult time getting their Huestick by Live Tinted to stick to their base. No matter what they did, the Huestick would not stay in place. Chelsea was not able to achieve the desired look.

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Chelsea, in her video review, discusses the Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp -2 pcs by KAJA. She starts off with a catchy intro and mentions her stage name, Fergalé. Unfortunately, she doesn't provide any specific information about the product itself. Therefore, it is difficult to assess its benefits or drawbacks. However, based on the product name, it can be inferred that the eyeliner pen comes with a stamp feature, which could potentially make it easier to create winged eyeliner looks. Overall, without more information from Chelsea's review, it is challenging to provide a comprehensive assessment of the product's performance and quality.

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Chelsea tried the Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp by KAJA and was impressed with the results. The product comes with a liner and a stamp, which Chelsea found easy to use. The stamp, in particular, was a unique feature that allowed her to create a winged eyeliner look quickly. She mentioned that it was faster than doing it by hand and was excited about the product. While she did note a few minor mistakes on one side, overall, Chelsea had a positive experience with the Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp by KAJA.

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