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Ka S Sisco - kangela
Ka S Sisco
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Hi! I love anything beauty and fashion related.❤️🌹🥀


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Ka S
Ka S
Verified Buyer

The Long Wear Crème Lip Liner in Tawny Rose color by Jouer was reviewed by Ka in a video. Ka mentioned that the color is beautiful and described it as a pretty rosy shade. They demonstrated the application by lining their lips and filling them in. Ka suggested that the lip liner can be paired with a rosy or coral lipstick for a nice look. Overall, the product seems to have a rich color payoff and long-lasting formula, as it is described as a long wear lip liner. However, the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or specific benefits of the product.

Video review of Gloss Shot Lip Gloss by Ka S Sisco
Ka S
Ka S
Verified Buyer

Ka tried out KaJA's Gloss Shot Lip Gloss in the Pink Drink shade. They applied the gloss after lining their lips, achieving a perfect finish. Ka asked viewers to share their thoughts on the color and their experiences with other shades. However, the transcription seems to have repeated the phrase "I'm going to put on my lipstick" multiple times, which may be an error. Overall, the review lacks specific details about the product's performance, texture, or longevity. It would have been helpful to hear Ka's opinion on these aspects. Without more information, it is difficult to assess the product's benefits and drawbacks accurately.

Video review of Beauty Bento by Ka S Sisco
Ka S
Ka S
Verified Buyer

The Bento Shadow Trio in Velvet dream color by KaJA is a convenient and travel-friendly eyeshadow palette, as highlighted by Ka in their video review. The palette consists of three shades: white chocolate, rosy velvet, and brownie bites. Ka demonstrates the application process, starting with white chocolate all over the eye, followed by rosy velvet on the lids, and brownie bites in the crease. The result is a beautifully blended eye look. Ka mentions that the palette is perfect for travel due to its compact size. They also suggest adding a pop of eyeliner to complete the look. Overall, the Bento Shadow Trio offers a versatile range of shades and is a great option for those on the go.

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