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Stratia Soft Touch AHA
Stratia Soft Touch AHA
/stratia soft touch aha os red
/stratia soft touch aha os red
/stratia soft touch aha os red
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Video review of Stratia Soft Touch AHA  by marielou
Video review of Stratia Soft Touch AHA  by jnk013
Video review of Stratia Soft Touch AHA  by predupre

Soft Touch AHA #Stratia

Color: Red


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Video review of Soft Touch AHA by Stratia Skin
Verified Buyer

Stratia, an employee at Stradia, raves about Soft Touch AHA in their video review. They describe it as their holy grail, an incredible and super gentle exfoliant that has replaced other products that were drying their skin out. Stratia loves that Soft Touch AHA goes on clear, absorbs quickly, and allows them to layer moisturizers on top. They also mention its suitability for traveling to different environments, citing their experience going from Los Angeles to Las Vegas without any blemishes. Stratia appreciates the convenience of packing just Soft Touch AHA and Interface, an incredible daily moisturizer, instead of multiple pimple creams. Overall, Soft Touch AHA by Stratia receives high praise for its effectiveness and versatility.

Video review of Soft Touch AHA by Marielou Mandl
Verified Buyer

Marielou, in her video review, raves about the Soft Touch AHA by Stratia. She mentions that her skin looks amazing, and she attributes it to this product. Even though she initially tried a sample, she was so impressed with the results that she purchased the full size. Marielou specifically highlights how the Soft Touch AHA helps with hyperpigmentation and smoothing her skin. She also mentions that she has been using other products from the Stratia line, but believes that this one is making the most difference. Overall, Marielou highly recommends the Soft Touch AHA for anyone looking to improve their skin's appearance and address specific concerns like hyperpigmentation.

Video review of Soft Touch AHA by Perri Taylor
Verified Buyer

The Soft Touch AHA by Stratia is Perri's skincare secret to achieving smooth and glowing skin. As someone with super sensitive skin and a history of acne, Perri credits the AHA for helping her skin reach a good place. The mandelic acid formula, a gentler alternative to glycolic acid, works wonders for her sensitive skin. It not only smooths her skin but also provides extra hydration. Perri considers it a staple in her skincare routine. Overall, the Soft Touch AHA by Stratia seems to be a reliable and effective product for those with sensitive skin, offering the benefits of exfoliation and hydration without causing irritation.

About Stratia

About Stratia

Obsessively researched skincare, made for anyone with skin. At Stratia, science rules all. Every ingredient in each product serves a purpose. No gimmicks, no trends, just effective formulas that stand the test of time. Ditch the clean-washing and overly complicated "rituals" and join us on our anti-marketing mission. Each product is handmade in Los Angeles.

Founded in: 2016
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Skincare iconSkincare
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Sustainable Ingredients iconSustainable Ingredients
Vegan iconVegan
Budget Friendly iconBudget Friendly

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