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Marielou Mandl - marielou
Marielou Mandl
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The RIKI SKINNY MIRROR in White color by Riki Loves Riki is highly recommended by Marielou in their video review. The mirror comes with a magnetic stand that securely holds a phone, allowing for easy use while applying makeup. The mirror features adjustable lighting settings, including low and medium settings, which Marielou demonstrates in the video. The mirror's bright light is a standout feature, making it easier to see and apply makeup accurately. Overall, the RIKI SKINNY MIRROR offers convenience and excellent lighting for makeup application. However, the video review does not mention any potential drawbacks of the product.

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One of the standout features of this face massage tool is that it is made of white jade, which stays cool. Unlike other cooling tools that need to be kept in the freezer, Marielou can simply keep the Lumin Mushroom on her desk or nightstand, and it remains cool every time she uses it. Although it does warm up with use, the initial run is always pleasantly cool.

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The Serrated 6" Knife in Almost Black color by Material is a game-changer in the kitchen, as highlighted by Marielou in her video review. With a comparison to its smaller and larger counterparts, this knife proves its worth. Cutting bread has never been easier, as the serrated blade effortlessly glides through, leaving no room for struggle or chaos. Marielou's excitement is palpable as she experiences the precision and efficiency of this knife. The set feels complete with the addition of this versatile tool. Overall, the Serrated 6" Knife in Almost Black color by Material is a must-have for any kitchen, offering a seamless cutting experience and making cooking a breeze.

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