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this is nude lipstick
this is nude lipstick
/essence this is nude. lipstick 12 os loyal
/essence this is nude. lipstick 12 os loyal
/essence this is nude. lipstick 12 os loyal
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Video review of essence this is nude lipstick 12 loyal by flawlessbyalondra
Video review of essence this is nude lipstick 12 loyal by julietssilva.a
Video review of essence this is nude lipstick 12 loyal by 655045536c902fa9c73c80a6

this is nude lipstick #essence

Color: 12 loyal


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Video review of this is nude lipstick by Alondra
Verified Buyer

Alondra is thrilled to share her experience with the Essence Semi-Matte Lipstick in the shade 12 Loyal from the "this is nude." collection. She describes the application as smooth and effortless, leaving a dreamy finish. Alondra praises the lipstick's perfect nude color, which she finds incredibly flattering. She emphasizes the affordability of the product, expressing disbelief at its low price point. Comfort is another standout feature for her, making it a joy to wear. Alondra encourages viewers to explore the wide range of colors available, as she considers this lipstick a hidden gem. Overall, Alondra's review highlights the Essence Semi-Matte Lipstick as a budget-friendly option that delivers beautiful results and comfort.

Video review of this is nude lipstick by Katie Bohannan
Katie Bohannan
Katie Bohannan
Verified Buyer

Hey friends, Katie here with a dramatic review of the Essence Semi Matte Lipstick in the shade Loyal from the this is nude. collection. This shade has completely won Katie over with its creamy texture and matte finish. She loves how it feels on her lips, providing a comfortable wear throughout the day. To enhance the look, Katie suggests adding a touch of liner. Overall, this lipstick is a favorite for its creamy yet matte formula. However, keep in mind that individual preferences may vary. Give this lipstick a try if you're looking for a shade that's both dramatic and comfortable.

About essence

About essence

essence believes in awesome products at amazing prices and excellent quality every day. We love being a part of a passionate community that is all about making the most of life and choosing happiness.

Founded in: 2002
Origin: Germany
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