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Curator Eyeshadow Refill
Curator Eyeshadow Refill
/hourglass curator eyeshadow os air
/hourglass curator eyeshadow os air
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review of Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow Refill Air by pcramerfun
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review of Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow Refill Air by flawlessbyalondra

Curator Eyeshadow Refill #Hourglass

Color: Air


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review of Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow Refill Air by 629679ebfbe1c800134698c2

Review by Mishael

The Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow in Air color is highly praised by Mishael in their video review. They mention that the eyeshadow is highly pigmented and comes in a convenient gold pod. The Air color is described as perfect for the brow bone or to brighten the center of the eye. Mishael appreciates the option to store the eyeshadow pods individually or in a palette. They note that the eyeshadows feel like satin and are easy to apply with a finger. Overall, Mishael highly recommends giving the Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow a try, emphasizing its pigmentation and satin-like texture.

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  • Highly pigmented
  • Versatile color options
  • Satin-like texture

Review by Alondra

Curator Eyeshadow

Alondra demonstrates her eyeshadow routine using the Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow in the Air color. She starts by applying a lighter cream shade all over her lid, followed by a light rosy brown shade called May. She then adds a deeper shade called Ping to the outer half of her lid and uses the shade Yes for added depth. To brighten her inner corner, she goes back to the shade Air. Alondra mentions that she didn't use the shimmer shade in this video but recommends it for a night out. Overall, the Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow in Air color provides a range of versatile shades for everyday wear, with the option to add shimmer for a more glamorous look.

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Review by Paula

Curator Eyeshadow

The Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow Collection is a luxury line of eyeshadows that offers a range of stunning shades. Paula, a reviewer, specifically highlights the shade Air as her favorite neutral for blending towards the top. She praises its ability to bring a smoky eye together without being frosty or too bright. Paula mentions that the eyeshadow has a creamy texture, with no powdery cakiness or fallout. Although the product is pricey, Paula believes that those who appreciate luxury shadows will love it. Overall, the Curator Eyeshadow in Air color by Hourglass is a high-quality eyeshadow that provides a smooth application and a seamless finish.

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Review by Olivia

Curator Eyeshadow

The Curator Eyeshadow in Air color by Hourglass has received mixed reviews from Olivia in her video review. Olivia expresses her disappointment with the product, noting that she experiences a significant amount of fallout when tapping her brush into the eyeshadow. Despite trying various techniques such as spraying her brush and using a primer, Olivia finds that a lot of the product is lost before even applying it to her lid. This is particularly frustrating considering the small size of the eyeshadow and its relatively high cost. While the eyeshadow may have some benefits, such as its color and brand reputation, the issue of fallout is a significant drawback that potential buyers should be aware of.

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Review by Mandy

Curator Eyeshadow

The Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow in the shade Air is a matte white color that adds a subtle touch of color to the brow bone or the corner of the eye. Mandy, the reviewer, mentions that it is perfect for creating a natural and finished look. The eyeshadow is described as being good for adding a little pop of color without being overpowering. The reviewer demonstrates how to apply it and highlights its versatility for different makeup looks. Overall, the Curator Eyeshadow in Air by Hourglass seems to be a high-quality product that offers a subtle and natural enhancement to the eyes.

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Review by Sarah

Curator Eyeshadow

Sarah's video review of the Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow in the Air color highlights its subtle and natural-looking matte finish. She mentions that the shade is similar to skin tone and applies it only to the bottom of her lids for a more understated look. Sarah appreciates the soft and pigmented formula of the eyeshadow, finding it easy to apply and achieving a good result. Overall, the Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow in Air color seems to be a versatile product that can be used for a subtle and natural eye makeup look. However, it's worth noting that Sarah doesn't provide any information about the longevity or blendability of the eyeshadow.

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About Hourglass

About Hourglass

OUR STORY Hourglass, the cruelty-free beauty brand, is known for its innovation and commitment to reinventing luxury cosmetics. The complexion, color, and skincare are crafted to be undetectably transformative while effortless to apply. Paradigm products feature cutting-edge formulas with active ingredients and covetable packaging that elevate expectations of how a product should look, feel, and perform. OUR MISSION We believe beauty and integrity should be synonymous, which is why we are as uncompromising with our products’ performance as we are with our commitment to animals. Since its launch in 2004, Hourglass has been a cruelty-free brand that has stood against animal testing. As part of our mission, we donate 1% of annual profits from hourglasscosmetics.com to our partner, the Nonhuman Rights Project, a U.S. organization that works to secure fundamental rights for animals. Additionally, 5% of annual profits from all Unlocked ™ products sold globally are donated to support the organization’s efforts. We will continue working towards change because we believe in seeing eye to eye with animals. Like us, they are living beings that experience love and happiness; pain and fear. We will stay true to our mission until they are protected in the beauty industry and beyond. "With the Eye to Eye campaign, we wanted to capture the humanity in the animal’s eyes." - Carisa Janes, Hourglass founder & CEO JOURNEY TO VEGAN Our compassion for animals has always been at the heart of Hourglass, and in 2017, we began to re-examine what it meant to be truly cruelty-free. We decided that in order for us to move forward with integrity, we had to push not only for ingredients that haven't been tested on animals but also for ingredients that aren’t derived from them. While the majority of our collection was already vegan, we committed ourselves to replace a few animal byproducts in select formulations, pledging to become 100% vegan by 2020. Leveraging our passion for innovation and ingredient technology, we got to work on creating cutting-edge vegan replacements. By December 2020, we successfully reformulated our remaining products to be fully vegan and are celebrating this milestone with the launch of Confession™ Red 0. Our biggest innovation to date, Red 0 is a 100% vegan red lipstick formulated with our patent-pending replacement for carmine—the industry’s standard red pigment produced from crushed female insects. Red 0 symbolizes our commitment to animal welfare and marks a new chapter in our ongoing commitment to cruelty-free beauty.

Founded in: 2004
Origin: United States
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