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Sarah Kop - thestylishmommy
Sarah Kop
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Motherhood and Lifestyle Blogger who is obsessed with skincare and beauty products!


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Review by Sarah

Change Huestick

Sarah recently tried the Live Tinted Hue Stick and was excited to do a monochromatic look. After applying the stick to her lips, cheeks, and eyelids, she blended it in and was pleased with the result. She loved the leg gold metallic color and was surprised to find that she enjoyed the monochromatic look. Sarah found the Live Tinted Hue Stick to be a winner.

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Review by Sarah

Brow Wig Eyebrow Gel

Sarah recently tried out the Brow Wig Eyebrow Gel by Too Faced and was impressed with the results. She noticed that the gel contains small fibers, which help to make her eyebrows look fuller. Unlike other products she has tried, this gel does not clump and does not require her to use her finger to remove any excess. Sarah found that the gel effortlessly shapes her eyebrows, eliminating the need for a pencil. Overall, she considers the Brow Wig Eyebrow Gel a winner, as it enhances the appearance of her eyebrows and leaves them looking amazing.

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Review by Sarah

bye panda eyes! smudge proof mascara

The Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes mascara was reviewed by Sarah in a video. Sarah mentioned that the mascara is supposed to be volumizing and defining, but she found that it didn't provide as much volume as she would have liked, even after applying two coats. However, she did mention that it is a good option for everyday use when you need to quickly get ready and leave the house. Sarah also noted that the mascara is smudge-proof, which is a benefit. Overall, while it may not be the most volumizing mascara, it is an affordable option for daily use.

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