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IGK Hair DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo
IGK Hair DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo
/igk hair direct flight dry shampoo os multi
/igk hair direct flight dry shampoo os multi
/igk hair direct flight shampoo travel os multi
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Video review of IGK Hair DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo  by wellnesswithdelaney
Video review of IGK Hair DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo  by mollymeguiar
Video review of IGK Hair DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo  by satori.chi

DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo IGK Hair

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Video review of DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo by Lulu Kehlani
Verified Buyer

Lulu, a reviewer, shares her thoughts on the DIRECT FLIGHT Dry Shampoo by IGK Hair. She emphasizes the importance of a dry shampoo for added volume, even on days when she showers. This multitasking dry shampoo offers a medium cleanse level, texturizing, volumizing, and style-extending properties. Lulu appreciates the inclusion of charcoal, turmeric, and matcha in the formula. Despite her already clean hair, she finds that this dry shampoo provides the desired volume without leaving any white residue. The pleasant scent and non-sticky feel further enhance her experience. Lulu concludes that the DIRECT FLIGHT Dry Shampoo by IGK Hair never fails to deliver the desired results.

Video review of DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo by Adyel Juergensen
Verified Buyer

Adyel, in her video review, introduces the DIRECT FLIGHT Dry Shampoo by IGK Hair as a solution for greasy hair. She highlights its multitasking abilities, including medium cleanse level, texturizing, volumizing, and style extending properties. Adyel is particularly excited about the ingredients, such as charcoal, turmeric, and matcha, which contribute to the shampoo's effectiveness. She also mentions that it is vegan, cruelty-free, and offers UV protection, making it a comprehensive choice. Adyel demonstrates the application by spraying and massaging it into her hair, achieving noticeable volume and a non-white cast finish. She expresses her satisfaction and desire for the full-size product. Overall, Adyel's review showcases the DIRECT FLIGHT Dry Shampoo as a versatile and effective option for refreshing and styling hair.

Video review of DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo by Raquel rojas
Verified Buyer

Raquel, a reviewer, shared her thoughts on the DIRECT FLIGHT Dry Shampoo by IGK Hair. She highlighted the convenience of its travel-friendly size and expressed her love for IGK products. Raquel emphasized the importance of the shampoo being vegan and cruelty-free, with no harm caused to animals. She also praised its UV protection, which not only keeps hair fresh and clean but also shields it from radiation and the sun. The shampoo's mineral and oil-free formula impressed her, and she raved about its amazing scent, although she couldn't confirm if it was matcha. Raquel found that even a small amount of the shampoo provided volume without overwhelming her hair. As a dark-haired individual, she appreciated that it left no white residue. Overall, Raquel's experience with the DIRECT FLIGHT Dry Shampoo was positive, highlighting its benefits of convenience, vegan and cruelty-free formulation, UV protection, and pleasant scent, with no drawbacks mentioned.

Video review of DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo by Delaney Dill
Verified Buyer

Delaney, a reviewer, was intrigued by the popularity of IGK Hair's Direct Flight Multitasking Matcha Dry Shampoo, thanks to its endorsement by Haley Bieber. After trying it out, Delaney was impressed with its performance. This dry shampoo not only effectively absorbs excess oil but also adds texture to the hair. Delaney used it to style their hair, achieving a voluminous and textured look. One standout feature is that it applies clear, avoiding the common issue of white residue left by other dry shampoos. Moreover, this product is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free from sulfates, parabens, petroleum, and mineral oil. Delaney believes that if it's good enough for Haley Bieber, it's certainly good enough for anyone. Overall, Delaney highly recommends giving this dry shampoo a try.

Video review of DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo by Molly Elizabeth
Verified Buyer

The IGK Direct Flight Matcha Dry Shampoo is a versatile hair product that goes beyond just refreshing your locks. Molly, the reviewer, highlights its multiple benefits, including its ability to absorb oil, add volume, texture, and extend the style. While it may not completely eliminate the greasiness after prolonged periods without washing, Molly notes that it effectively reduces it. One standout feature is that it doesn't leave any white powder residue, ensuring a natural look. Overall, Molly rates the DIRECT FLIGHT Dry Shampoo a 7 out of 10, indicating its effectiveness. With its multi-functional properties and ability to revive and freshen hair, this dry shampoo by IGK Hair is a reliable option for those in need of a quick hair pick-me-up.

Video review of DIRECT FLIGHT - Dry Shampoo by Molly White
Verified Buyer

She demonstrates how to use the dry shampoo by giving it a little shake and spraying it at the roots, where she has the most oil. Molly notices an immediate difference in volume between the side of her hair where she applied the dry shampoo and the other side. Although a little bit of white powder comes out, she mentions that it can easily be fixed with some brushing.

About IGK Hair

About IGK Hair

WE DON'T FOLLOW TRENDS. WE CREATE THEM. We're a team of four innovative stylists from various parts of the globe and vastly different backgrounds unified in a single vision: to create products designed to fit the lives and needs of the client and hairstylist. By focusing on the needs of our clients, we block out the noise and deliver exactly what their look demands — easy solutions, the most current looks and cuts with multiple styling options. We work wherever you are: NYC+LA+MIA, plus pop-up salons in culture capitals throughout the world. Every formula we create is inspired by the stylist, his signature city and the nuances of what's trending in that space and time. LIKE YOU, OUR FORMULA IS WORK HARD BUT PLAY HARDER. We believe your first impressions need to last longer than your Instagram feed. And because your hair is unscripted as your life, you want options. Your look needs to work from runway to jetway, from your mobile office all the way to the after-party. It needs to feel at home in every city you bounce between, from coast to coast . And that's why we created IGK: modern hair care products that work with how you live. So you can rock your look of the moment, in every moment, no matter where your plane touches ground.

Founded in: 2016
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Prestige iconPrestige
Hair Care iconHair Care

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