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Raquel rojas
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actor / fashion lover


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The RMS Beauty Blush Brush in 40B is praised by reviewer Raquel for its user-friendly design and soft bristles. Raquel appreciates the brush's thickness, which provides a secure grip for those who may be prone to dropping things. The brush's shorter bristles are also noted as beneficial for targeted application of blush. Raquel confirms that the brush works exceptionally well with cream blush, but may not pick up as much pigment with powder blush. However, this drawback can be seen as advantageous for achieving a more natural look. Overall, the Skin2Skin Blush Brush 40B by RMS Beauty is a versatile and effective tool for applying blush, particularly for those who prefer cream formulas.

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Raquel reviewed the Dualist Matte & Illuminating Concealer in the Golden medium shade by Wander Beauty. The product includes a matte stick and a liquid concealer. Raquel applied both the creamy and liquid concealers and noticed a visible difference in their finishes. The matte stick provided a more matte look, while the liquid concealer had a subtle shine. Raquel's favorite technique was using the creamy concealer first and then layering the liquid concealer on top. Overall, Raquel loved the product, emphasizing its ability to blend well and provide a flawless finish. However, no drawbacks were mentioned in the review.

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Raquel, a fashion enthusiast, introduces viewers to Jill Stuart Beauty's Rouge Lip Jewel Gemmy Satin in the color Forever Adored. She expresses surprise at the fact that the iconic designer has a beauty brand. The refillable lipstick comes in a jewel-like case, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Raquel highlights the smooth application of the lipstick, mentioning that it glides effortlessly. She notes that the product is made in Japan and advises caution to prevent it from melting. Raquel mentions the option to purchase a larger case and expresses her desire for it. Overall, the Rouge Lip Jewel Gemmy Satin appears to be a desirable product with its attractive packaging and smooth application, although the potential melting issue should be taken into consideration.

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